Open window detection not working

Open window detection has stopped working.
It seemed to work 2 times. Is there a way to trouble shoot this issue? And open window detection is enabled.
Also is there a way to keep the heat off for a day if I forget to close a window In the basement?


  • I am sure open window worked for me last year but this year seems to not be working ??
  • It works rarely for me. Only worked when I set an offset. It was false positive :)

  • I have indeed experienced a couple of false positives (window closed, but notification) and have recently adhered to Tado's recommendation (in 'air quality') to open the windows a few times for fresh air to come in.

    I expect the notification (open window detected) to come up when I do this. Nothing whatsoever...

    How does the open windows detection work? And how do I (/you Tado?) make it work better? Currently this feature is not working for me the way it should.

    (as is the feature for 'early heating', which required manual intervention from one of the engineers, and the lack of 'parental locks' on the TVRs).

  • Just one day after the message above: a correct notification! Finally!

    Also (incidentally?) this happened after an app update?

    (where Tado finally allowed a user-switch to enable/disable home-mode! Thanks Tado!)

  • Same here. I was very happy about the accuracy during the first few days. Now I have a window wide open right above the radiator, with around 3 degrees outside, and it doesn't register anything. So also the air quality indicator gets way off.
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    The "window open detection" is unfortunately dependent on many factors. Unfortunately, this does not work reliably.

    In order to achieve maximum reliability, you absolutely need a radiator thermostat in connection with a room thermostat.

    Then it is important that the thermostats are not in an area with a draft. If the difference between outside and inside temperature is too small, then it no longer works properly.

    The solution at this point would be a real window sensor.