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A must change issue for Tado!


We have a holiday home for rent, and it is very irritating that tenants can change the programs on the smart thermostat. They must be able to change the actual temperature, but not the settings and programs on the thermostat. Also kids can make changes unintentionally

It would be a great improvement that changing settings/programs is only possible when the owner is logged-in in the Tado app.

If i had known in advance that this function was not available, i would not have bought this smart thermostat.

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  • You're not the first owner to have this issue. Best to add your support to existing improvement requests.

  • GazzaH

    Hello, I've only had Tado for a few days but in IFTTT previously I saw that some smart controls had a Landlord setting applet which forced the control back to the Landlord's settings every half an hour, all day and night. This would mean that any changes anyone made would be cancelled back to schedule every 30 mins.

    If it took them 30 mins to set their new timings and it reset each time they tried they'd give up, also any override could not last longer than 30 mins.

  • GazzaH

    Hello, I've just logged into IFTTT, I searched Tado on IFTTT but there isn't an applet that does this yet. Maybe someone will make one?

    I could put it in the suggestion area?

    Hive has an applet called:

    "Hive Landlord Control to return to Schedule at 15 minutes past the hour.

    Hive Landlord Control to return to Schedule at 15 minutes past the hour. If your tenants change the temperature up and down it will return to your schedule. Alternatively, a friendlier way to give your tenants the benefit of the doubt is set up 2 for every 30 minutes or 1 for every hour. For multiple houses set up an individual ifttt login to match your Hive email addresses. Beware: savvy tenants can change the schedule from the stat - so check online periodically to check it is your schedule."

    I used to work for a BMS/BEMS controls company and they sometimes did things like this in commercial buildings at the Facility Manager or Energy Manager's request to stop staff meddling with controls. It reset every so many minutes, it reverted back to what it should be doing/cancelling anything the staff did.