An IFTTT applet to reset Tado to OWNER'S smart schedule every 30 mins. For Landlords or parents!

I don't know how IFTTT applets are made, whether someone one there does it or someone at Tado has to Okay it but other smart controls have anti-tamper applets for this purpose.

30 mins would be enough to give someone a heating boost.

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  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    You don't need anything from Tado. Someone needs to build the applet.

  • Hello, I went into IFTTT and hit the 'create' button, it doesn't come up allowing one to be created for Tado? Maybe Tado have stopped people creating applets so Tado can charge for advanced functions? For example Hive had a free, automated, away temperature applet in IFTTT, if someone did that in IFTTT for Tado then they wouldn't need to pay monthly for Tado to offer it. I was surprised Hive allowed it in IFTTT to be honest.

  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭

    Are the offending users changing the temperatures in the app, or on the Tado devices? If the latter, there is an option to limit the duration of the changes within the settings for each Room.

    There are IFTTT applets to reset to automatic at certain times of the day, or when the system switches to Away mode, but I don't think there is an option to trigger at regular intervals without a IFTTT Pro subscription.

  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭

    @GazzaH: Given this some further thought, you can actually do this with the free version of IFTTT, albeit in a roundabout way. Linking to Google Calendar means you can trigger when a specific event starts, so you could set a recurring event for this, and then return Tado back to automatic.

    As I mentioned before, if the users only have access to the local devices not the app, then you can set a time limit for the change in the Room settings. But, I guess, if they have access to the app then they could override the schedule anyway, so this is all moot.

  • Very good pcone, I wouldn't have thought of that with google calendar! I do see the setting on the Tado app that you can set overrides to finish at 30 mins.

    I think your google calendar method is the answer then as tenants and others might not realize it's been linked to IFTTT therefore probably can't remove the command.

  • GrayDav4276
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    Great idea and good luck in setting it back once you have got it up and running.......really interesting 👍