Setting to keep the valves fully open in summer


Usually the response how to set all thermostats in summer is to set OFF - but this is wrong, spring of the valve is pressed whole summer and can get stuck when heating season is back and also this reduce "the life" of the valve.

Now, there is no way in the app to set all valves to fully open state for summer, I had to manually remove all tado's Smart Radiator Thermostats from all radiators to achieve the state, which is quite annoying.

It would be nice to have a specific Summer mode in which all thermostats are set to "fully open" state.

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  • I strongly agree with the above request. I now have stuck valves..........

  • eezytiger

    I'm in the UK, so temperatures above 25C are not that common here. I have eight SRTs, all set as independent, so they cannot request the boiler to fire. Throughout summer I have them set to 25C, so most of the time they remain fully open, at least overnight. If temps do reach 25+ then they will close down, but there's no harm in that occasional exercise to keep the pins free.

    In fact, with that in mind, I recently adjusted the schedule for all valves to turn off at 22:00 and resume 25C at midnight. That way they get at least one cycle per 24 hours, but are mostly left open for 22 hours at a time.

    Perhaps in warmer climates this plan won't work so well, but it's great for me in the UK.

  • samd
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    I do nothing at all to protect my valves and they have been in operation since 1990 and I have only had one with a small issue and even then it was not stuck. I know of many who adopt the same non-practice as myself with no issues. Semper eadem!

  • It is possible to set all valves to fully open state for summer in the app.

    Go to Settings -- Choose a room -- Heating Zone -- Zone Controller -- set it to "independent".

    Do this for all rooms.

    Then set all TRVs to the max temperature.

    This way, TRVs should remain open all the time (perhaps except the time when the temperature in the room exceeds 25 degrees..) and there should be no heating as they're disconnected from the zone controller.

  • I'm new to Tado. In fact I only fitted my valves two days ago.

    I was immediately surprised that there was no bespoke summer setting but yours seems to be the most logical solution I’ve seen. Problem is I can’t see the settings you’re describing particularly where is the ‘independent’ setting. Can you elaborate? Where do I find it. Sorry if I sound a bit clueless!

  • eezytiger
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  • FFM

    Always surprised that since TRV started to appear (yes, I remember the non-thermostat radiator valves ;), I have yet to experience a stuck valve or have heard from friends and family about stuck valves. I have been in at least 5 different apartments with TRVs. No issues whatsoever. And they were all older equipment and a mix of manufacturers.

    I think Tado is not adding that feature because it only affects a very small number of users.

  • I get what people.are saying, but I've never had a problem with a TRV (touches wood...) and I'll definitely look into what eezytiger has mentioned as that looks like an interesting function.

    My pennyworth for a short term solution would be to either build time into the schedule to automatically open the valve fully (midday as it's the hottest time of the day?)... or manually Boost Heating for a few minutes to get all the valves open and the system going: you have control then and it wouldn't have to be every day or for more than a few minutes.. just enough to relax the springs..

    Isn't the number one time for breakdowns of boilers and radiators is at the start of autumn/winter because during the summer they haven't been used..?