"Summer/Cooling mode" for wall thermostat



  • jlbalboa

    A crystal clear reply! Thank you very much @saltydog . It's only a simple software issue.

  • paolo11

    Same required for me. We have a larger chiller on the roof which pumps cold water through the house in the summer. I'd like to control the cooling features. It doesn't even need to control the chiller, which is always on anyway.

  • paolo11

    maybe against the policies of this forum but someone found an alternative solution besides Tado Smart Radiator valve?

  • Jgm77
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    Two years ago I put underfloor heating but kept my gas boiler. Two years ago I also invested a lot of money in Tado system (6 wall thermostats, wifi receiver, GW) but now as a LOT OF PEOPLE I change my gas boiler to heating cooling Daikin system because gas is very expensive and Aerotermia is much more efficient.

    I opened a support ticket to know if it exist any option to have a summer mode to be able to enjoy also the cooling system (here in Spain in summer is very hot) and they said not for now and redirected me to this community.

    And I discovered more people are in the same situation as me.

    Now Tado team, please take time to understand the request here because we are not asking for any hardware change but only a summer mode that can be activated to invert the logic (when reaching 26 open and when reaching 25 close) with also a summer programmation.

    Please can you provide update about the development?

    Thank you

  • vrod
    Pretty disappointed about this too.. considering switching completely..

    What I guess most of us forget is that tado is german-based and a lot of their customer base resides in Germany (me included). Until the war in Ukraine, nobody here gave a damn about modern heating so there was never really a reason to focus on this. Which is also partly why the country faces a big problem with heat pump shortages now. Unfortunately.

    It would be great to know if this is even being worked on at tado. If not, I will look to switch vendor.
  • Good Day
    Despite I Suárez the concern of this forum and I am algo aslin Tado to put a summer Mode, this is what I do to manage my cooling system. In summer, in the sentina área of each room I modify the temperature corrección by compesating with -10°C. Then I Just pull the descrédito temp above 25°C to get cooled Walter into my heaters. It is a simple way to get cooling works, but again there should be easier ways (in this Wayne temp regulación is manually achieved)
  • Good Day
    Despite I share the concern of this forum and I am algo asking Tado to put a summer Mode, this is what I do to manage my cooling system. In summer, in the senttings area of each room I modify the temperature compensation with -10°C. Then I just pull the temp above 25°C in the rooms I need, to get cooled water flow into my heaters (with fans). It is a simple way to get cooling works, but again there should be easier and better ways that Tado should support
  • Jgm77

    Hi Tado Team, any update of this request/feature? Hope this will be implemented fro the nest summer!

    thank you in advance for your answer and hard work!

  • Just to re-iterate to Tado my heating/cooling scenario...

    I have an Ochsner Air source heat pump system which has it's own internal and external thermostat which act as a master control for wether the heatpump should be be On/Off and i can configure as well a cooling mode on it in the summer.

    The Tado wired thermostats which I have are in the various rooms and only ever control the actuators on the UFH manifold inorder to open close the hot/cool water circuits.

    I configured the Heat pump now to run the cooling program which targets getting the master thermostat down to 25 degrees, we had already 20 days reaching well above 30 where i am based in central Europe.

    Use case: When a room is already cooled to 25degrees Tado closes the circuit in that rooms so other rooms can cool more efficiently. When a room is over 25degrees tado should the circuit to allow cooling.

    As everyone keeps pointing out, logically it feels like this should just be a toggle in the coded logic of the tado app/firmware on the thermstats... to get the actuators to be controlled differently.

    Grateful for any update from Tado team. Thanks

  • Stijn81
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    Same goes for the Netherlands and Belgium. Look at the Dutch forum where this has been a top-request for the past 3(!!) years.

    I know that heat-pumps, also providing a cooling function over low temp water heating systems, is very common in Scandinavian and German countries too. That should all and all, meanwhile be a large chunk of the EU market.

  • Markov
    It's very common in Hungary too in new modern homes to have heat pumps supporting (by circulating hot water in the floor and cold water in the ceiling ) to support both heating and cooling.
    I'm very surprised that TADO doesn't support this by default.
    So listen to your customers!
  • Any news Tado?

    This is very very common in Spain and it is very simple to implement in your software.

    Just remember that you have also to increase the maximum temperature limit, because in "summer mode" 25ºC is a bit cold.

    I'm waiting for you to implement this issue I and I will buy your equipment.

  • Hi friends,

    I'm currently considering which thermostat option to buy.

    We're looking for a thermostat that allows us to fully operate a system with both heating/cooling floor system with fancoil as an added resource.

    We find Tado to be a potential option due to how powerful its heating floor system works; however, not having a way to use this same system to get cold water flowing and just hot water makes it a hard decision for us to make.

    We've found other brands like Meross have their thermostats updated so that they include what they call "Summer mode", enabling full operation over both heating and cooling floors.

    Could I ask Tado users whether you've found a way to make this work?

    Main reason why we'd prefer Tado over other brands such as Meross is that Tado has its thermostats plugged via Ethernet, and not Wifi.


  • johnnyp78
    Tado thermostats aren’t connected via Ethernet (or WiFi) so you might be better off looking at something that meets your requirements.
  • I wanted to add my +1, in EU cooling/heating flooring systems are more and more common and it seems logical for companies to start supporting them. The Spanish community has also a discussion about this, and it looks like others too. We should all vote for this feature to be added.

    @Rob we know the teams are working on it but we would really appreciate an update (if possible)

  • loomsen

    I cannot believe this is still not happening. As all of you said, a simple reverse of the logic would be totally sufficient. This is literally something a junior developer can do in his first year. The correction of the temperature doesn't really work very nicely when you have 20 thermostats.

    BTW, as I don't see this happening anymore from tado as they obviously just don't give a rats *naughtyword*, I have 20 wall thermostats and a bridge up for sale in Germany. loomsen at gmail, if anyone is interested.

    Beyond ridiculous.

  • AndyBryant
    Another potential customer in France with underfloor heating/cooling in an apartment. In my case the heat pump is at building level, and the only control I have in my apartment is to turn on the valve for my underfloor on, or turn it off. In the winter, warm water comes through the pipes, and in the summer they switch the whole building and the same valve gives me cool water.

    As others have said, I think a simple logic inversion for a heating to cooling mode switch is all that's needed to make the smart thermostat work in my case.

    Pretty please!
  • Tik3r

    Another potential customer in Spain lost. I have underfloor heating/cooling floor. I liked to go with tado but it seems that they don´t listen the community. Going with Meross, they listened their community and added a summer mode. Pretty dissapointed with TADO, years asking for something and no response.

  • PavelK
    Same here in the UK, I’m just about to get the reversible heat pump installed and am horrified to learn that this SOFTWARE option doesn’t exist.
  • paolo11

    Just posting another +1 here to raise awareness for this issue. I'm looking also for cooling functionality.

  • Globetrotter
    I have recently installed at heat pump in my home in the UK and also need this summer reverse logic function.
  • mikinturin

    ..and we are halfway through 2024. Cooling control for air/water heat pumps is essential, heat pumps are being installed all over the world and in Europe there is a directive that bans gas boilers.
    I read comments here (from 3 years ago!) that talk about compatibility with many brands, but basically it's just a simple software question: why hasn't the feature been released yet?
    We all just want:
    - manually switch the heat pump to "cold"
    - reverse the software function of the thermostat, to start the heat pump when the room temperature "rises above the threshold", instead of "falls below the threshold"