"Summer/Cooling mode" for wall thermostat

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I have an underfloor heating with a cooling function. In summer, cool water can run through the floor to cool the room. For that I currently need to set the temperature to max (25°C) to keep the thermostats open. If the room temperature would rise above 25°C the thermostats would close and prohibit a cooling function.

For that reason a "summer mode" would be nice. My idea is to invert the heating logic to a cooling logic, either by a switch or by a threshold average outside temperature etc). Then the thermostats would open if the temperatur is above the desired room temperature. Anyone backing this?

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  • Wouldn't connecting up the Smart AC control to your underfloor cooling system achieve this?

    Can't imagine tado have any plans or desire to merge their two products in to one, reducing their revenue.

  • @martinploeger you can achieve what you need with the existing App. The Tado thermostat has two outputs. The NC output calls for heat when the room temperature is below target. When the room is at or above target the NO output is energised to call for cooling. If your UFH uses a single input for both heating and cooling mode then you install a 3-way light switch between the thermostat and the UFH. The light switch toggles between summer mode and winter mode.

  • I also cannot think of many people, who would install twice as much devices for this. So it would IMHO not reduce their revenue.

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    @Justcop Also the AC Control - to my knowledge - only controls AC via infrared signal. So I believe this won't work.

  • They could even make it an in app purchase if the development is that complex or they fear for their revenue if they must.

  • Cooling via a wired thermostat is such a niche at this time (in europe, it is common in the USA) that supporting it does not make sense for us at this time.

    However, unofficially tado already supports this because the tado thermostats have a normally closed (NC) port available. This should allow you to change from heating to cooling mode by switching the NO wire to the NC port. (only if your heating system can also be set to cooling mode)

  • Jurian, I'm sorry to hear that. As far as I know, Spain is in Europe.

    In Spain it is very commoon cooling via a wired thermostat (heating/cooling floors with air to water heat pumps).

    I am not purchasing tado till the date, waiting for an easy integration of the cooling function.
  • What's more, my annual consumption in cooling mode is higher than in heating mode. In future years, climate change even will increase the consumption in summer. Probably not only in Spain but in many other european territories.
  • I live in france and it definitely is a very common setup here, I'm quite surprised it is considered a niche as it is more and more common with the better insulation in new buildings & renovations.

    I'd love a better support although I do understand this might be possible to do it DIY with a manual switch when we change seasons.

  • you can idd change it so the NC toggles cooling but can you then make the automatic valves work in reverse so they open more if it gets warmer ? i think this is the problem with the system.

    also saying that cooling is a niche is bold and a lie. in belgium they started using heatpumps with the cooling function 11 years ago when they build new houses. furthermore in the netherlands thay are using those types heavily.

    and u say it makes no sense ? it is just a few lines of codes you have to ad so i dont see the problem really it is easy work and u get a lot of new buyers :/ .

  • After reading the last messages iIt is clear that support this demmand does makes sense... What does not makes sense is a DIY solution.

  • I am very surprised that this 'inversion of the logic' is not allowed on Tado!

    All newly built houses (I am in Italy) have heat/cool pumps with open close-valve. If I had known this I would have avoided Tado some months ago.

    The DYI option is horrible and goes against the easiness of use that TADO is advertising.

    Moreover, the answer from Jurain at TADO denotes a very poor and not customer-oriented support.

    Please let us know if you are planning to add this, even with a 'paid' license.

    If not, I'll need to migrate back to the good old Honeywell thermostat that just supported Summer-WInter modes to invert the logic.

  • @alebenni I understand you perfectly. Migrate back is a disappointmemt and a loose of money! I would buy ten thermostats if the cooling option were added, but it seems that we are asking for something very very complicated. The response of @Jurian is far from a customer-oriented support.
  • I need such a functionality. Heatpump and ufh can provide heating and cooling... I'm recommended by my plumber to ensure that the thermostats can support cooling... but by that i don't think it means re-wiring it each season... or having some DIY inverter switch.

    You would expect switching the behaviour in the software.

  • Add me to the list! How unsmart is that?
  • +1 to this!

    Air/ground source pumps are increasingly popular in Europe for both heating and cooling water for Under Floor systems.

    Is there any plan to support this in the short term? If not, this is a deal breaker for me.

    Anyway, if there was a DIY solution for a group of Smart Radiator Thermostats controlled by a Smart Temperature Sensor (that's my arrangement since I don't have a wired thermostat to control the manifold actuators), please share.

    For now, I'm thinking that setting the control mode to manual, and with a pair of IFTTT rules (or Siri shortcuts) that open and close the valves according to a given room temperature, it might work for summer. I'm not sure if that's possible, though 🤔.

    I cannot stress enough how wanted this feature is.

  • Rob
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    "Is there any plan to support this"

    Short answer: Yes.

    We already support cooling for air-air heat pumps which are controlled via an infrared remote control. Our Smart AC Control would be the device to use for those heat pumps, and it supports cooling.

    In other markets, x to water heat pumps are getting more and more mainstream. One can argue they already are mainstream, and are the future of heating (and cooling) homes. These are controlled by wired thermostats (or wireless thermostats with a wired receiver). We cannot control cooling there... yet. Properly supporting x to water heat pumps is a major priority for tado° though, and we are working on this as we speak. Given the many different digital bus interfaces that are used for heat pumps in the different European markets, this is not a small project. I cannot give you a timeline as I simply don't know, but proper heat pump compatibility one of our key priorities right now.

  • Yes do this. For the love of god! Why doesn’t this exist?