New idea: respond to valid user suggestions?


Hey tado development team,

being an owner of a software agency myself, it's a huge red flag to me when I see rather trivial user requests and improvements just sitting there for five years (!!!) without an official response. Some guy named "Frank" answered who seemed like a tado rep, but his account is deleted now.

These two should be consolidated into one feature. All this needs is an entity in between, that either defines that there is a new environment (multi-home) or that an internet-bridge belongs to the same environment, actually pretty similar to thermostats being part of the same room or individual entities.

I do not understand how simple features, or, more precisely, efficient code re-factoring like this can be ignored for years. This market has gone through the roof ever since the western world attempted to become 'green' over night. It's a sad sad story to see this community ask for a certain feature for years and be plainly ignored, despite the fact that hundreds of people voted on the thread.

Now, from a software developer perspective: if this feature is more complicated than one might think, it's a bad design, which would be even worse. So we're left with two options:

  1. Tado does not give a damn
  2. Tado is incapable of handling this
  3. <please tell me what I am missing>

This isn't the only valid and helpful community request that tado ignores. There is barely any interaction with the community. And we're not talking open-source project here. This is a commercial project with paying users.

Please, tado representatives:

Give your valued clients a response. What's the deal with multi-home? What about multiple bridges in one household for people with large houses? This can't be such a huge surprise, because multiple wireless repeaters have also been a common solution for this problem for more than ten years.

Give us an answer please. There are even people with a software background who offered to help.


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