Multi Home Support



  • This is ridiculous. I cannot believe that this does not exist. I've ordered a bunch of products to instal in my multiple apartments and now this. Shame on you Tado.

  • joachimsh
    When will there be support for this, i really need this feature. This should be basis for a product that have been there for 5 year. Come on guys
  • HHH

    Still nothing on this? This is costing them sales! I was looking to by thermostats for my office, but having 2 accounts for my 2 houses is already too annoying.

    Does any of the competition have multiple home support?

  • PDD521
    I would have bought another Tado system for my second home but the lack of this feature stopped me.
  • ZbignieM

    I am also waiting impatiently for the possibility of adding 2 bridge, so that on one account it would be possible to manage at least 2 locations (e.g. home and work)

    TADO what about you, 2 years and nothing?

  • peterschou

    i have 2 houses, 3 hours apart, the primary with 2 air to air heaters, the 2nd with 1 air to air and oil heating through radiators all ratiators and air to air are fittet with TADO 12 units in all. We use apple phones.

    the issue is that to turn down the heating i have to turn down each unit in the house i leave and turn up the units in the house im going to. As each unit has 3 different time settings, i have to repeat the up and down process abt once a week in winter time.

    A) is it possible to make 2 apps (one for each house) so we can control them individually, better still, can we seperate the units in the same app ?

    The away system already works, now we need one that truly makes it perfect :-)

  • educan

    I bought Tado thermostat for home and for the office and I see there is no multi-home support, it is quite annoying that this can't be done. Please add this functionality!

  • escrinser

    I bought Tado for my house and for my second house and it is not fancy to change the account every time I need it.

  • tgpl

    It would be good to at least know if Tado plans to implement this and when. This feature is a must!

  • Alc

    Multi home support is not a nice to have, it’s a fundamental feature please let us know if it’s at least in Tado roadmap.

    Thanks a lot

  • Sross

    I would like to buy a second Tado, multi-home support is absolutely a needed feature!

  • poopytardos

    Almost 3 years for a feature that should have been in the product from the start, unbelievable

  • jlang
    I am also looking for this functionality.
    Since tado already has the concept of a home, I absolutely expected to be able to switch between the two when I was invited to another home. However my whole account is transferred over when I join the invitation for the second home.
    Stunning that this has been „coming“ for years and nothing has changed...
  • Al_GS

    Lutron (lighting) has support for multiple homes and it's VERY simple to switch home on the app. Suggest that Tado should check it out.

  • mpgillstrom

    When I started using Tado I looked for this feature and was surprised to find that it didn´t exist even though most smart systems have this now days. I am a small property owner with 25 properties with 300+ apartments and a need for 1500+ thermostats, I have tested this system om my own house and one small apartment building for almost a year now and am very satisfied with the functuality but the lack of multihome support is a very serious setback. Logging in and out for my home and my test building is getting on my nerves and I keep missing alerts because I am logged in to the wrong account and so on. This is a dealbreaker for everyone with multiple sites.

    I really need this feature to be implemented soon or I need to toss the units I have in the bin and go with a more expensive and less intuitive Danfoss system that can handle multiple sites.

    The way I see it it should be in everyone’s best interest especially Tados, imagine being the go-to brand for affordable smart control for small to medium apartment owners, just saying ;)

  • SimonThorpe

    I had ordered additional Tado devices so that I could set up controls in our second home. But, to my stupefaction, it appears that this is not possible. Am I going to have to return the goods?

    I suppose that I could create a second user with a different email account, but I would not be able to use my iPhone app to control things. This really seems like a simple problem for Tado to fix. Please do something rapidly!

  • Levelg

    Would having two homes be a solution to the limited range problem within a single home? I've got my boiler controlled with a wireless thermostat as well as a radiator and two ACs. After a lot of fiddling, I have managed to find a location for the internet bridge which works. Now I want to add a further 8 radiator thermostats, but given that the house has two very thick stone walls between some of the radiators and the bridge, I am almost sure that this won't work (from my reading of the range issue). But if I could just have two homes - "Main Home" and "West End" with two separate bridges, the problem would be fixed - right?

    If so, then Tado could satisfy a huge number of frustrated users with one relatively simple modification. Just allow the app to choose between homes. I can't think of any reason why this would be technically problematic.

    By the way, I'm assuming that there isn't a problem in having two different bridges in relatively close proximity, right? Because if there was a problem it would mean that in a particular apartment block, only one person could use a Tado system.

  • HenrikS
    Hi, I too was stymied bye the lack of support for multiple homes. @Tado, I mostly love your products, but please fix this.
  • Levelg

    So, having struggled to find a location for the internet bridge that would work with more than a subset of my Radiator Thermostats and AC controllers (I have 9 that work, but wanted to add four more for the rooms at the end of the house), I decided to buy an additional starter kit so that I would have a second bridge.

    The good news is that it appears to work fine. I had to create two homes - same address, but two different email accounts. One is called Home (with 9 devices). The other is Home2 (with 4 devices).

    With one device, I can log in and out of the two accounts to see what the other rooms are doing. But that is extremely tedious (and dumb). A better solution is to have one Tado account set up on my iPhone, and the other set up on my iPad. That's bearable as a solution.

    But really Tado. Why can't you just let me have one account, and let me switch between Home and Home2?

    Or, even better, just let me add all the devices from Home2 to Home so that I can see all 13 devices at the same time?

    This is surely just a bit of software programming. I can't think of a single good reason why that was not done ages ago.

    Recently, when Tado asked me whether I was likely to recommend their systems to other people, I gave them a 7 out of 10. And that negative mark was entirely because of the difficulties I have had in positioning the internet bridge (hours of hassle, and still not reliable), coupled with the apparent impossibility of proposing a second (or third, or fourth) internet bridge for people like me (and many others on this forum) who have been struggling to get a system set up with a single bridge.

    And of course, multihome support is also needed to for anyone with more than one property.

    Please, please, can you fix this so that I can (a) see all my rooms at once, and (b) recommend Tado to others?

  • Great 🙄,

    Just bought a second Tado setup and I realise there's No support for two locations?????

    So many complaints from us customers and no sign of implementation - it's easy to do, so the ONLY reason for this lack of functionality

    must be to get more money from second subscriptions.

    seriously - what do we do - start carrying two phones?

    Can't wait to switch to another product

  • Jimuk

    I have a holiday house in France. it has 5 Air-conditioning units in it that work as coolers and heaters. They currently have a unintuitive IR remote control at I was looking at the Aircon controllers Tado have.. I was surprised to see you cannot setup a second home. its really annoying. I am now thinking have I got enough spare rooms on my current house to have 5 new rooms added. (I do not as there is a limit there too)

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭
    Perhaps access one home from web browser and other from phone app?
  • HHH
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    How about a comment from Tado on this ???

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  • JGrae
    I have two houses. I have 8 smart AC devices - 6 at my primary home and 2 at my secondary home. When I am in my secondary house, all tado devices are treated as 'away'. When clearly two is them should be treated as 'home'.

    It should be possible to set a 'home' zone per device, so that I can have my primary home services as 'away' when I am at my secondary house (and those units at my secondary house as 'home' while I am there) and vice versa.

    Creating a secondary account in tado is a terrible work around. Also, Ifttt only can work with one tado account, so creating a secondary account isn't a good solution.

    I've spent almost $2k on tado devices and see less switching between two houses is a much needed feature
  • Still no sign of multi home support. I have 5 tado systems in homes and rental properties and really need to be able to control or manage these properly.

    Signing in or out of each account is not sufficient. Please can you implement the functionality required.
  • I consider this absolutely essential. I have tado in mine and my daughter’s home. My daughter has disabilities and I need to remotely manager her heating too, it would be great to switch within my account rather than having to sign out/in each time… similar to how you can control multiple Ring device locations would be great
  • K_T
    The multiple home support is a must these days. It should of course have separate geofencing zones for each system.

    Also - the feature should allow inviting guests - say I am the "owner" of my own system but was invited to control my parents' house system. And likewise I could invite my parents to control my system.
  • Bill26

    I have a holiday home where I have installed tado and I am very pleased with the system. The remote control by phone is excellent. I would like to install tado at my main house but I can’t because you can only have one application on a phone. I think it would be great to be able to have more than one application on a phone. For example, you could fit tado into an elderly relative’s house and then make sure they are always warm.