Multi Home Support



  • I struggle with multi homes for years now. See my separate entry for same improvement-request / also an old one which goes back several years (was it dropped by Tado?)

    As all the others say - it is a basic improvement and urgently needed !!

    It would be so easy to make many, many Tado-users happy !

    Thanks for a newyear's gift or at least an easter-egg !!!


  • This is ridiculous. I cannot believe that this does not exist. I've ordered a bunch of products to instal in my multiple apartments and now this. Shame on you Tado.

  • Please bring this feature!! It will bring you soo much more profit because current tado customers would buy more devices!! See no reason how this feature wouldn’t pay off for tado!!
  • When will there be support for this, i really need this feature. This should be basis for a product that have been there for 5 year. Come on guys
  • Still nothing on this? This is costing them sales! I was looking to by thermostats for my office, but having 2 accounts for my 2 houses is already too annoying.

    Does any of the competition have multiple home support?

  • I would have bought another Tado system for my second home but the lack of this feature stopped me.
  • I am also waiting impatiently for the possibility of adding 2 bridge, so that on one account it would be possible to manage at least 2 locations (e.g. home and work)

    TADO what about you, 2 years and nothing?

  • i have 2 houses, 3 hours apart, the primary with 2 air to air heaters, the 2nd with 1 air to air and oil heating through radiators all ratiators and air to air are fittet with TADO 12 units in all. We use apple phones.

    the issue is that to turn down the heating i have to turn down each unit in the house i leave and turn up the units in the house im going to. As each unit has 3 different time settings, i have to repeat the up and down process abt once a week in winter time.

    A) is it possible to make 2 apps (one for each house) so we can control them individually, better still, can we seperate the units in the same app ?

    The away system already works, now we need one that truly makes it perfect :-)

  • I bought Tado thermostat for home and for the office and I see there is no multi-home support, it is quite annoying that this can't be done. Please add this functionality!

  • I bought Tado for my house and for my second house and it is not fancy to change the account every time I need it.

  • It would be good to at least know if Tado plans to implement this and when. This feature is a must!

  • Multi home support is not a nice to have, it’s a fundamental feature please let us know if it’s at least in Tado roadmap.

    Thanks a lot

  • I would like to buy a second Tado, multi-home support is absolutely a needed feature!

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