Show the flame icon on the Tado thermostat display when the boiler is running


Very useful to have at a glance if the boiler is running without having access to the boiler display.

This is standard in almost all the thermostats.

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  • Michaelm

    As a Tado user I would like to know exactly how long my boiler has been actively heating. I want to know the boiler running time not how long the radiator thermostats were open. In particular in my system I have a hot water tank. The graphs only show with a big red band how long the hot water was scheduled to be on. But if the tank was hot already and it was scheduled to heat for an hour the boiler would have only come on for 30 minutes for example. I want a way to differentiate between running time and scheduled time.

    This may be on your roadmap already as I noticed an item for boiler metrics.

  • spongy

    I think this is a great idea and, on a related note, it would also be useful if there was an icon in the app to show when the boiler is running.

  • jcwacky

    Nice idea. But unfortunatly I don't think this would be possible to do reliably. For most hot water tanks, it's the hot water tank thermostat which overrides the "on" signal from Tado to stop heating when it's at temperature. So there is no way for Tado to know for sure if the boiler is running, despite it asking for it to be.

  • KrisTC

    I think this would be really useful. It would be nice to see if a specific room is triggering more boiler time than others, maybe a room I don't use so often needs a curtain upgrade or something.

  • burntbridge

    Even if it didn't show how long the boiler was actually running (as it doesn't really know), it would be great to show how long heat was called for.

  • WilfH
    I’ve been in direct contact with Tado in the past about this. I have a Combi boiler so the hot water side isn’t necessarily a big issue but it would be nice to see a cumulative graph of when there was actual DFH over a 24hr period for the whole house. Whilst the current individual graphs use shades of grey to show demand they’re not as obvious as colour coding would be.

    Again, although the tiles do indicated demand using ‘heating to’ and ‘Set to’, etc an icon to immediately show active demand per tile would be more intuitive.

  • Munkeman
    YES! I’d really like this feature too
  • Vertigo

    And show it in the graphs too, particularly for boilers like mine that only have on/off. And not just for the zone that triggered the boiler, just whenever it fired. Maybe a use a color to indicate it was triggered by another zone. I have to check every zone now to see if heat was requested, and then Im still not sure if the boiler was triggered or not.

    Im not kidding when I say I mounted an old smartphone to my boiler as webcam and for audio to check activity while testing.

  • Riversway
    Has this request been acknowledged by Tado?
  • Fishyweb
    +1 for this request.
  • ciaranirl
    Really disappointing to see this important request languishing. Right now, it's almost impossible to figure out how long heat has been called for every day, ie. To answer the question "how long was the heating on for today?". This seems pretty basic and is immediately obvious on competing systems like Nest and Hive.

    Honestly on the verge of returning tado because I'm suspicious that it's actually causing the heating to be on *more* than Hive did before.
  • davidlyall

    This type of information *might* be possible to get if your boiler us on a bus connection to Tado but that would need investigation

    For non-bus systems, this will be impossible to get as Tado is simply turning on or off a relay. There is no feedback to Tado from the boiler as to how long it's running for.

    You can't have a go at Tado for not being able to implement something that will be impossible for them to do. Hive or Nest won't be able to do this either.

    I would say that if Tado had an option to include the radiator specs then you could get reasonably stats from that as it does know how long the TRV was demanding heat for.

  • Sappersam
    I am a new user, but would like to see when the boiler is on for providing heat to the radiators. Not so concerned with the hot water. Would like to see a flame or some icon on the wireless thermostat (not trv), and in the app
  • BOG73
    Yes! Would like to see somewhere in the Tado app a flame 🔥 icon to see when actually the boiler was fired and for how long. There are cheaper stats with this feature…waiting for them to move faster in a way to make Tado to do some improvements and feel the competition closer!
  • fdvanoye
    We need this, please get your act together and implement this simple graphic feature.