TADO notifications when the boiler isn't working.


It would be really cool to have an active notification feature for users where tado demands heat and for whatever reason, the house does not get warmer.

Notifications should include emails as well as tado badges.


Unattended Property - know that the frost protection has stopped working - (for whatever reason)

I have no notification at my holiday let that runs from bottled gas and other than checking the graphs on a daily basis I have no idea that the bottles need changing.

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  • I just logged onto the community to post this exact suggestion and then saw this!

    In my case I have a somewhat unreliable boiler that goes into fault mode periodically, and of course turns itself off when it does. I’m kinda surprised open window detection isn’t flagging this up, as a house that fails to get hot could easily be because of either reason. Anyway, hope they implement this soon.
  • Came here to suggest this, sad there's only 4 votes now. My boiler needs to be manually turned on if the power goes out. If heat is requested and no temperature change tell me please!

  • This would be invaluable for my caravan which uses bottled gas and is left unattended for long periods during the winter!

  • kkorkky

    I have asked Tado several times directly for this feature. In my case there was a low pressure warning stopping the boiler from starting. To me it seamsed simple if the Temperture sensor does not dected a rise in temp it flags an alert.