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Tado X suggestions


(I originally messaged this direct to Tado but they asked me to repost it here.)

I have read that currently your Tado X heat pump controller supports only some makes of ASHP as of yet but based on customer requests you will add more. I am therefore contacting you to suggest both Samsung Mono HT Quiet, and Daikin Altherma 3 HT Quiet.

I am also asking if as one of your options for dynamic energy tariffs you will be supporting Octopus Agile which is a widely used dynamic energy tariff in the UK. This leads on to another question, I get the impression that currently the new Tado X range are not being sold to the UK. I hope this is a temporary measure. If/when you do sell them to the UK, you will of course need to ensure they have proper UK plugs instead of EU plugs.

I would also like to suggest that in addition to controlling the timing and temperature of an ASHP you should also look at the possibilities of reporting energy use and efficiency. In addition you should look to supporting local smart weather stations to further improve energy efficiency. (I have a Tempest Weather Station.)

I would presume at some point you will do a new Taco X smart AC controller. I am intending to get a Samsung AC unit and this can be controlled via a WiFi network connection in addition to 'old fashioned' IR remote controller. Some other brands are gradually adding built-in network connectivity even if sadly usually limited to their own proprietary mobile apps rather than being capable of a more open connectivity.

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  • Emcee
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    Hello @jelockwood,

    Thank you for your suggestions and for contributing to the forum 🙂 Although not all suggestions are implemented straight away or in full, we always appreciate hearing from current and would-be customers.

    To respond to some of the points made above:

    - We are doing our best to increase our products and devices' compatibility with a range of heating systems, including ASHPs. Currently, tado°'s Heat Pump Optimizer X is Compatible with the principal manufacturers in the European market: Atlantic, Vaillant, Saunier Duval, Fujitsu. We also expect to reach compatibility with Daikin shortly. Thank you for suggesting Samsung as well—I can bring this up during our next product planning meeting.

    - You are correct, tado° X is not currently available in the UK. Once Wireless Reciever X is ready for market (sometime in Autumn), the full tado° X range will be available to our UK customers. With regards to Octopus Agile, please inquire again once tado° X launches in the UK.

    - Most of our customers use tado° for heating products or cooling products rather than a combination of both. We have concentrated on producing heating products for tado° X and will introduce a tado° X variant for cooling in the future if there is a demand for it.

  • Gergooo85

    Thank you for your suggestion!
    This is a great idea!

    I would even add Midea's heat pumps to compatible devices, among others, it is quite a popular device.
  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    "we always appreciate hearing from current and would-be customers"
    That made me smile...
    ... all the other threads on this forum would certainly suggest otherwise.