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Upgrade to X and lifetime auto assist

Hi! I am wondering whether upon upgrade to X tado will honour the lifetime Auto Assist subscription that was available with some of the previous editions of the kits. I understand that V2/V3/V3+ can't co-exist in one account with X, but I am wondering if it upon upgrade and removal of the old bridge, the subscription would be kept.


  • royi
    royi ✭✭

    @SGT Tado X is a total diffent system and is not compatible, so the answer is no. Search for Tado X launch video on You Tube.

  • Mooncake

    @royi The subscription system came in place with the release of the V3+ kit. All new customers from there on would need to pay the subscription to access Auto-Assist. But those who bought the V2 and V3 kits and registered a new account with these kits would have the lifetime access to Auto Assist, and retain this benefit should they then upgrade to the V3+ kit.

    I'm lead to believe that the lifetime Auto Assist is tied to the account and not the kit you are using. So I would think that removing all V2/V3/V3+ accessories from your account to then add the Tado X kit will not revoke the lifetime Auto Assist. Only deleting your account to create a new one would lead to loosing that benefit. That's my opinion.

    @SGT this is something I'd like to know too. Would be great if Tado could make a comment on this matter. If we loose the lifetime Auto Assist when moving to Tado X, I'm just going to stick with my V3+ system until it dies and then move to another subscription free system when time comes.

  • Joead
    Joead ✭✭
    edited June 15
    I’m pretty certain the lifetime Auto Assist is linked to the Tado “Home” in the setting section of the tado app.

    According to their upgrade support doc you need to delete the Home to upgrade to X.

    This would indicate the lifetime Auto Assist would not carry over. Perhaps someone from Tado could clarify this?

    May I suggest tado include lifetime Auto Assist for customers who make a significant investment into tado X devices - ie purchase over {x} number of tado X devices, get AA for free? This would reward users like myself who spend a very large sum on tado hardware (13 trvs, 4 thermos, extension kit and bridge). Eero follow this model - free subscription features if you have a certain number of nodes in your account.