Auto valve calibration

I've occasionally noticed radiators getting warm when they should be off due to the valve needing recalibration. It would be useful if the valves periodically auto callibrated (which would also serve as an anti-seize function) or could auto detect if they temp was unexpectedly rising and trigger a calibration.
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  • JonW
    I completely agree. The awkward thing with this is that the calibration creep is seen as a fault so they seem reluctant to acknowledge it exists. I have emailed them on a number of occasions and they never fully acknowledge the problem. I have experienced it several times and you don’t always notice it, especially in rooms that aren’t used regularly.
    I now know to watch out for it and then remove and remount the devices as and when but it should be possible to automate this periodically.
  • stonecold128

    I think if you change the temp offset by 1 degree (and then change it back to keep accuracy) it will trigger a calibration?