Open window notification after shutoff interval


As it is (if you pay for auto-assist), the system automatically shuts down heating for a pre-configured interval when an open window is detected. I think it would be useful to receive a push notification when that interval has elapsed, in order not to forget to close the window.

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  • Jachool

    Agree fully. In addition, I would even vote for an initiation notification as soon as the auto-off function starts. Otherwise the window might stay open and the heating is "boosting" against cold the cold air, if an open window is forgotten (esp. if multiple people live in the sam house, this happens quite often...)

  • Briney

    I agree. Send a notification as soon as the open window is detected to let us close it straight away if we want to. Make it a turn on/off option, as some people might not want a notification for this. Personally, I do. Thanks.