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  • @paul0000 I've had the same issue in the past. Talking to support the problem for me was due to the TRV losing connectivity, but said loss of connectivity not being reflected in the UI / application (apparently it took some time between connectivity loss and the control plane declaring the device as "not reachable"). Turning the TRV apparently worked as a wake-up-signal of sorts, the TRV tried to establish connectivity again and more often than not status changed to "Heating" shortly afterwards. Not always though, sometimes the TRV simply appeared as not connected.

    I haven't seen this issue for some time. Makes sense next time it happens to reach out to Tado support, point out the date/time it happened and try to figure out what the problem is

  • @paul0000 yes I have seen similar behaviours too. Seems to have been worse recently, but only appears to affect one specific room, although there are 2 rads in that room and neither activate when it’s playing up.

    I assumed maybe a recent update was to blame, but a notification would be a good start. If the rest of the rooms are seeing successful heating, then a bit of simple self-diagnostic wouldn’t go amiss either.

  • @mperedim that’s interesting.

    When I see this problem, it’s in a room that has a dedicated wireless stat with 2 rads, both with TRVs. Both report being connected, as does the wireless stat. If I ask each TRV to blink display, they duly blink at me. There is no apparent loss of connectivity, and the room in question is closest to the bridge.

    I would dispute the assertion that this is connection related, it feels more like a room falling off the management list in some way, a bug, and recently introduced too.

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    @XKRMonkey probably a different problem in your case :( TBH I haven't had this problem for some time (pairing all TRVs but one with a wireless temp sensor and the recent firmware updates have helped a lot for me)

  • @XKRMonkey and @mperedim I don't believe the that the tado app reports "real time", I've seen discrepancies between the tado app and device status and Apple Home. I often see 3 of my rooms "offline" in the tado app, but no errors with room status in Home .. very weird.

    Since recent firmware updates I'm also seeing this issue more often.

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    Its easy to get Tado to get there act together, even by a small number of users - use social media.

    Potential clients investigating Tado solutions arent aware of the fact that Tado is actually a pretty poor smart thermostat as it's unlikely they'll enter into a support forum such as this. Plus, Tado does very well in indexing on Google its helps pages to provide disinformation around how good (or bad) the product actually is. Best thing we can do is ask tado on social media and leave it evident for people considering Tado how bad the product is. Even better if we tag/include alternative products (or companies) when asking (Nest, Netatmo, etc...all of these manage the basics that Tado fails to manage).

    Its amazing, that a smart thermostat, connected to the internet and acccesible via an App doesnt inform you even on the app itself that it has been disconnected. Demented and backwards.

    Digital companies need to be brought down by digital means.

  • @carbar I'm not sure that is the best approach.

    These forums are here to help each other and provide tado with feedback (directly/indirectly) on our experiences.

    Problems arise (I think) with larger houses and random disconnections - weirdly for the last few days every time I've been on the tado app, all my devices have been connected .. previously this hasn't been the case - where is the logic in that?

    Tado is far from perfect, but a lot of "perfect" depends on your use case and environment. I have my issues with the product but overall it's saving me money and I am willing to invest my time with feedback in the hope improvements head in the right direction.

    Tado need to be more active on these forums, and I think that would go a long way to help your, my and others frustrations with the product.

    My guess is, a lot of the limitations and issues are software/cloud design based - and it'll be a big lift to overhaul - this is down to tado leadership to think about the future, redundancy (locally) and innovation. Lately IMO, the latter is really lacking, but probably due to the former.

  • From time to time I notice wireless blackout periods for one of the devices. It would be great if the system issues a push notification when a communication error happens with one device, not just a transient warning red dot in the settings screen.

    I notice these wireless blackouts as well for the Wireless Receiver when I just happen to see the leds in the heating room in my cellar. In this case, because the Wireless Receiver has no statistics page, I am unable to assess how often this happens.

    It would be a great improvement if for all wireless devices the signal strength is displayed (or the error rate).

  • My system has remained reliable now for many months (knock on wood) - ever since I added a simple mains time-switch to the PSU for the bridge, to turn it off for 5 minutes daily in the small hours of the morning. Thus, regardless of whether it's behaving itself or not, it will always be forced to restart at ~5am. I neither know nor care if it has disconnected overnight (which IS likely - I've seen it happen - when my router, for example, installs new firmware and restarts). Sad that it requires such intervention - but it does.

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    Very handy feature, used already by other brands.

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    Regretfully, it's just a concept.

  • Only a concept ??🤔

    But can't be a difficult job.......if it's too technically difficult for the tado° App designers and technical experts.......then tado° needs to "upgrade" the staff........

  • +1 This is a simple request tado and doesn't take much to add this in

  • +1! I'd love this to be implemented too. I installed my Tado system about 3 weeks ago and have had 2 mornings when the wireless receiver has lost connection to the bridge and the heating hasn't come on until I've switched it on manually and me 2 year old has had to be gotten up for nursery in the cold (nevermind us two parents). Thankfully there was some heating through the night to keep her room temperature up but if it failed after we'd gone to bed and not worked all night she might have got very cold, and hopefully woken us up to help!

    I guess I'll have to get a smart plug to restart the bridge as mentioned a few times as a backup to ensure this doesn't get serious! :o/

    Thanks everyone for the useful posts!

    I hope we can keep up positive posts and get some positive Tado response!