Notification when device looses connectivity

Please make so the app gives you a notification if one of the devices looses connection.
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  • kkorkky

    Adding to that I want to be notified when theTado Bridge has lost contact with the Tado Datacentres.

    Seams a simple request but alas falls on deaf ears


  • Dem
    This will never be introduced.
    The main reason is that it is tado servers that are messing up the whole think MOST of the times. Other reason is...that Tado just don't care, there are many more much needed software changes that have been voted for YEARS and Tado does nothing.
    All they care about is for us to buy it once, then we as a customers are not important.
  • AndrewMc

    Yup. +1 for this.

    We've been asking for this for AGES !

    Get your act together @Tado !

    And people, get up-voting!!

    (see also

  • Another morning without hot water and in a few weeks time it will be no heating simply because my internet bridge disconnects from my router. My router is very reliable, my bridge is well positioned and nothing else in my home loses connectivity. This is not a constant problem, but it happens too often for the sizeable investment I have made in Tado devices. Why can't it reconnect automatically??
    Please fix this with an automatic reconnection so I can enjoy the reliability I had before Tado or at least or give me a notification so I can reconnect in time to avoid cold mornings for me and my family.
  • Liz10
    Agree with this. Our bridge drops out way too often. Never any issues with our router or other connected devices. Really not nice having to wash or shave in cold water. A simple notification is a definite must if an automatic reboot isn't possible yet.
  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    Our bridge regularly disconnects. Got nowhere with support - followed all their suggestions - fixed ip, etc, but still happens.
    So I now have the bridge re-booting automatically.
    I use a Fingbox that detects when the bridge disconnects.
    This then triggers IFTTT and Apilio to turn off the smart plug that powers the bridge, and then turn it on again.
    Sounds messy, but works perfectly - on average about 3 times a week without me having to do anything.
  • Ak47
    +1 to this- for such a large investment the app should be able to send a message to say that connectivity has been lost - would save a lot off time- apps do this all the time so not sure why this would not be sensible to add.
  • ewanBay

    Since September I no longer have this problem after upgrading my bridge BUT

    1. Now my system turns on at random intervals, usually during the night.
    2. System doesn’t turn on but everything is connected ok, only solved by using thermostat to turn on manually after which the automatic settings take over.

    I’ve had no answer from either tech support or emergency number for weeks. Initially they took 1 week to send a standard answer, then after they upgraded their database recently I’ve had to call them various times . I now have a ticket number for all my problem calls that is with their developers but no way to contact them.

    Extremely frustrating as this is costing money & totally outweighs any savings.

    Any news on what is going on, never had these problems in the previous 4 years with them.


  • +1 for an app alert AND e-mail alert. They send you enough email about other things. The app alerts about low battery, can't be that difficult to get it to alert about devices/hub being offline.

  • A few weeks ago they just did maintenance during the day, only people subscribed to Tado maintenance/ whatever got an email. How is this not noteworthy to tell all customers? Plus it's easy to implement of internet or access is lost to one or more devices. So +1

    Dont know if anyone else has asked for this.
    When there for some reason isn't any remote access to my thermostats, it would be nice to get a notification on my cell phone.
  • Schippie

    I'm all for the notification, but that wouldn't be needed if we could improve reliability of the network reach by introducing additional bridges or extenders.

  • pilou

    Indeed ! Especially for a second home : it could make us know that there is a problem, perhaps a power outage -> no frost protection -> big damage !

    Quite easy to implement : if no internet access during 30 minutes, then send a notification.

  • Notifications for loss of connectivity would be good. I also agree with Schippie that there needs to be a bridge extender too that will help the overall network stability (that's the topic of another feature request - go vote for that too!).

  • Banshee
    I’d love this too, as some of our rooms are at the limit of the range and drop out of access occasionally. If we knew in advance it would avoid waking up to no heating in certain rooms.
    I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the internet connection (in our case) though.
  • Jurian

    Hi all,

    I believe that this notification would not solve the underlying problem of improving the device connectivity in general. I think my comment in this topic is very related:

    If you want to be notified about server downtimes, please subscribe here:

  • XKRMonkey

    I think we (and also Tado) may be missing a trick here.

    Yes, I see no reason for the App NOT to notify the user if any of the devices lose connectivity to the bridge, or if the bridge loses connectivity with the outside world - pretty basic notifications to send IMHO, and perhaps you should be able to select which notifications you get and whether you receive them by App, SMS or Email (any or all of these methods).

    Beyond notifying the customer that there is a problem that may be hurting their comfort or pockets, it would also allow Tado to independently collect data on how big the problem of a) the bridge disconnecting from the Internet, and b) TRVs and Thermostats disconnecting from the bridge, actually is. Maybe then Tado would actually be able to assess whether the people posting on these forums are the only customers affected by these issues, or whether the active forum members are the tip of a bigger iceberg that needs properly addressing.

    @Jurian perhaps you can comment on this thread and provide some kind of stats as to how many devices and how many customers actually suffer with these issues. If you can't, then perhaps it IS time that Tado added this feature to the system as requested, and collated the data as part of it's continuous improvement programme and made an informed assessment that can be provided to customers with a proper dataset to back it up.

    Thanks :)

  • I agreed with @kkorkky. Notification when bridge loses connection would be great so I can see it when I wake up and get it fixed instead of everyone waking up to a cold house.
  • GrayDav4276
    Hey everyone..... Once again I'm really disappointed with the responses given by Tado/ appears that Tado only want to interpret our requests/issues/complaints with a preconceived Tado 'filter' in place.
    This attitude is an unaccessible level of customer service.
  • what_a_tado

    @GrayDav4276 I think Tado have probably come to the conclusion that they can safely ignore the vocal minority on here who are constantly complaining as they don't see them as being representative of their overall customer base.

  • GrayDav4276
    @what_a_tado, may be absolutely correct.
  • Tado_WhyNo2ndLoc
    edited May 2021

    Disconnected alerts would be so helpful. one of my Smart thermostats keeps losing connection.

    Might not be Tado's fault - it could be my wifi - alerts would really help me troubleshoot.

    Notifications would be VERY easy to implement, would help customers, increase product success,

    save time for the support team and even help prevent highly dangerous HVAC eventualities.

    Of course there will never be useful notifications like this in the app - because Tado :)

  • TalkingTado
    Just weighing in on this feature. It is the most frustrating thing about Tado. The rest I pretty much like. I do 2 things to counter this bug:

    1.poll the app a few times a day to check it is on line.

    2. I set a smart plug to turn off and on twice a day, which regains connectivity. Also means if I poll and find it offline I can restart remotely.

    The response above from Tado really doesn’t help. I would also very much like for a notification to be implemented in Lieu of fixing the underlying problem. I work with systems like this all the time and it isn’t hard. What is the excuse Tado ? Too hard?
  • zyborg

    +1 for this. !

    and like @TalkingTado says, i have also put a smart plug on my system, so if they could do a "auto reconnect function", so you dont have to restart all the time.

    That would be nice ! :)

  • Al4x
    I came here to submit this. Had a disconnect for 48 hours. I only realised when the house was getting cold.

    Must be a simple app software fix?
  • mperedim
    mperedim ✭✭
    edited December 2021

    +1 from me on this as well. I had an outage, due to no fault of Tado (*). However, it'd be nice to get a warning on my phone and be able to act on it immediately, rather than accidentally find out an hour later that the bridge is offline.

    (*) The wifi access point it was connected to failed and needed a factory reset.

  • Yep. Needed. Both for 'bridge lost' as well as 'individual device lost'.

    The basic feature is already in the app ('you're not home' notifications, eg).

    Come on!

  • XKRMonkey

    There is another alert that is missing - when the room sensor believes it is making a demand for heat, yet the room temperature is falling (or stalled for longer than that room normally takes to start to rise measurably), not rising at a “normal’ (learned) rate. This is different to a sudden temperature drop associated with open window or external door.

    Arguably, if all zones making demand are stalled or falling, then there is probably a boiler or other system fault.

    Occasionally I have had a pressure drop in the system causing the boiler to fail to start, but no warning from Tado that several hours of heat demand results in no actual heating at all. Surely that comes within the scope of the ‘Care and Protect’ function? Instead it proudly reports “no incidents detected”, which leaves me wondering what it can actually detect ?

  • paul0000

    @XKRMonkey I've seen similar. I've noticed a room may be wanting/needing to heat to 20c, but the tile shows "set to 20c" for example, and the room is at 17c, rather than "heating to 20c" -- when I see this I know the room is not going to heat for whatever "tado" reason and I go to manually turn up the TRV.

    I haven't been able to figure any logic behind this - I wouldn't say it's common, but it does happen at least once a week.

    I've seen rooms continue to be set in "away" mode with geofencing on hours after someone has come back, but other TRV's are working correctly.