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Notification when device looses connectivity

Please make so the app gives you a notification if one of the devices looses connection.
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  • Adding to that I want to be notified when theTado Bridge has lost contact with the Tado Datacentres.

    Seams a simple request but alas falls on deaf ears


  • This will never be introduced.
    The main reason is that it is tado servers that are messing up the whole think MOST of the times. Other reason is...that Tado just don't care, there are many more much needed software changes that have been voted for YEARS and Tado does nothing.
    All they care about is for us to buy it once, then we as a customers are not important.
  • Hi - just to add to that and hopefully refresh it for others to see.

    If the Internet Bridge looses connectivity for whatever reason any devices on your system will appear as disconnected.

    Tado supports local control on the devices themselves but how are you to know the devices are disconnected and need to manually adjust it? You need the notification/email to tell you that. How tricky can this be? Even fitbit sends you an email when your tracker battery is low!

    Just last Sunday, my kids went for a shower and the water run out half way. Typically on a Sunday in my household there is higher demand for hot water so i have the schedule on multiple times a day to a total of 3-4 hours for the day. On a normal weekday we only have it one hour a day which is plenty.

    So imagine my surprise when the hot water run out. I checked the app only to find out all the devices were disconnected and the 'cloud' icon flashing.

    I raised it to tado and they send me back a standard message basically blaming my router...now i am a network engineer by trade, i run 2 servers and CCTV system at home as well as the usual modern devices. NOTHING else had connectivity issues and my router is enterprise grade connected to Fiber at the home. The Internet Bridge itself is connected directly to the router powered by a socket, not USB. Yes the router was restarted but that was on a Tuesday night 5 days prior to Sunday and the restart schedule has been in place for 2 years now for every week.

    After telling them all that...they are now asking me to log a new idea for connectivity notifications...and i find out there is one already!

    Get upvoting if you can.

    Meanwhile...i might start reading up on the Honeywell Evohome!

  • Yup. +1 for this.

    We've been asking for this for AGES !

    Get your act together @Tado !

    And people, get up-voting!!

    (see also https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/598/alerts)

  • Another morning without hot water and in a few weeks time it will be no heating simply because my internet bridge disconnects from my router. My router is very reliable, my bridge is well positioned and nothing else in my home loses connectivity. This is not a constant problem, but it happens too often for the sizeable investment I have made in Tado devices. Why can't it reconnect automatically??
    Please fix this with an automatic reconnection so I can enjoy the reliability I had before Tado or at least or give me a notification so I can reconnect in time to avoid cold mornings for me and my family.
  • Agree with this. Our bridge drops out way too often. Never any issues with our router or other connected devices. Really not nice having to wash or shave in cold water. A simple notification is a definite must if an automatic reboot isn't possible yet.
  • Our bridge regularly disconnects. Got nowhere with support - followed all their suggestions - fixed ip, etc, but still happens.
    So I now have the bridge re-booting automatically.
    I use a Fingbox that detects when the bridge disconnects.
    This then triggers IFTTT and Apilio to turn off the smart plug that powers the bridge, and then turn it on again.
    Sounds messy, but works perfectly - on average about 3 times a week without me having to do anything.
  • +1 to this- for such a large investment the app should be able to send a message to say that connectivity has been lost - would save a lot off time- apps do this all the time so not sure why this would not be sensible to add.
  • Since September I no longer have this problem after upgrading my bridge BUT

    1. Now my system turns on at random intervals, usually during the night.
    2. System doesn’t turn on but everything is connected ok, only solved by using thermostat to turn on manually after which the automatic settings take over.

    I’ve had no answer from either tech support or emergency number for weeks. Initially they took 1 week to send a standard answer, then after they upgraded their database recently I’ve had to call them various times . I now have a ticket number for all my problem calls that is with their developers but no way to contact them.

    Extremely frustrating as this is costing money & totally outweighs any savings.

    Any news on what is going on, never had these problems in the previous 4 years with them.


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