Smart Thermostat sensor

Is the Smart Thermostat a thermostat? In other words, does it have a sensor as well as a switch? If so, do I need a smart rad thermostat in the same room as the Smart (wall) stat?




  • Yes, the Smart thermostat is, as the name suggests, a thermostat, so it has a sensor and a relay; it is battery powered

    The extension kit instead, has no sensors and has got two relays (one for heating and one for hot water); it is mains powered
  • Thanks. As I thought, so if I have no SRTs in the same room as wall stat, that room could be too warm if another room calls for heat. I can live with that! Just wanted to be certain I understand what's going on :)

    Thanks for answering at least part of my next question already!

    My hot water tank has a strange ancient mechanical stat - a Drayton Tapstat (a sort of TRV with remorte sensor bulb!). I would like to integrate it into my Tado setup. My problem is that getting a wire to the water tank is very difficult, so I thought I would use the Extension as a wireless link near the water tank if I add a standard cylinder stat on the tank and a diverter valve near my boiler.

    This clearly won't work as the extension presumably has no inputs!

    Another option is to put the diverter valve in place of the tapstat on the HW cylinder. That would work if the extension (and cylinder stat) control the diverter but the main room smart stat controls the boiler directly, not via the second extemsion relay. Would that work? ie can I operate the hot water stuff via one extension relay while using the S Stat switch as it is near the boiler wiring?

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