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Radiator's Making A Banging type noise.

I have put two thermostats in my home, living room and kitchen, all was well until it start with an almighty racket coming from both radiators, a very loud vibrating sound which stops when I take the tado off and put the original thermostats back one. Any ideas why?

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  • GreenBaby
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    I have the same problem. Turns out that the old thermostats was not working at all. Acting like a valve the temperature and water flow was always the same.

    With the Tado on, the temperature of the radiator is going up and down in temperature and thereby there are a volume changes. The old wall hangings is not protected by rubber or softer material, so the temperature induced extraction and retractions makes a racket as it goes in steps when the metal to metal friction is over won.


  • Hi @GreenBaby
    How did you deal with this disturbing noise ? I’m facing the same issue especially in my bedroom. I tried to remove the 3 lateral covers, create a space between the top of the radiator and the locker (to secure without metal/metal contact), reduce the shift between high and low temperature, without any results.
    Thanks for your help.
  • After 2 months of investigation, I realized yesterday that, in my home, this bang bang comes from the hose clamp which contraints dilatation and retraction of the pipe. Some sections of my heating circuit are visible, and they are made of copper pipe (instead of PE plastics for non visible sections). I first loosen thoses hose clamp, and the noise disappeared !! So I added a rubber band between the hose clamps and the pipes. I hope it will help you.
  • Paddd

    Do you have a picture on where you adjusted the system? I may have the same issue. Thanks

  • Pictures here ->
  • I have two valves (out of 12) that make very loud knocking/banging noises from time to time. One is in my office – and really disturbs my work calls. I don’t have copper pipe – I have 10mm plastic pipes going into the boiler. Please help!

  • GazzaH
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    Hello, are the old TRV bodies 2-way or one-way? If they are one-way then they might be on the wrong end of the radiator, when the valves try to close against the water flowing backwards, they can vibrate.

    If your old TRV's were not working and not closing then they wouldn't have made the noise.

    Alternatively, if the boiler or system central heating pump is non-modulating then when the last TRV or SRV closes then there could be a bang if the full pump pressure is behind one valve when it closes.

  • Dunkman
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    Not sure if the same but: I had a similar experience. Not 100% sure what it was but really loud banging twice in one day (when system first set up). Seemed to be when the upstairs radiator was one of the only ones active. I do have two radiators that don’t have thermostatic valves on. One in my bathroom and one in the living room. They basically come on whenever the heating is on. I opened fully the valve on the living room one and the bathroom one slightly more. The system is still balanced (all radiators work) and the thumping has never occurred again. Might have been the combi pump, or water hammer? In any case the issue went away(3 months ago). I think having the two radiator valves opened has release pressure so when a Tado valve closes and the pump is at full, the resistance doesn’t now cause thumping.

  • SteveIreland

    Check for air in the radiators by bleeding them in accordance with your type of heating system.

    Check the other valve (on the other side of the radiator), it may have been partially closed to balance the system or to reduce the heat in that radiator, try turning it fully open to see if that reduces or removes the noise.

    If neither of these cures the problem, get a plumber in to diagnose, it could mean your system needs flushing to remove silt and limescale, or the system needs to be propely balanced.