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Radiator's Making A Banging type noise.

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I have put two thermostats in my home, living room and kitchen, all was well until it start with an almighty racket coming from both radiators, a very loud vibrating sound which stops when I take the tado off and put the original thermostats back one. Any ideas why?

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  • GreenBabyGreenBaby
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    I have the same problem. Turns out that the old thermostats was not working at all. Acting like a valve the temperature and water flow was always the same.

    With the Tado on, the temperature of the radiator is going up and down in temperature and thereby there are a volume changes. The old wall hangings is not protected by rubber or softer material, so the temperature induced extraction and retractions makes a racket as it goes in steps when the metal to metal friction is over won.

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