Boiler wont turn off

I've had the Tado a couple of weeks now and everything has been going fine. At 9pm yesterday the boiler kicked in and hasn't stopped since. I've turned everything off, I've tried resetting the boiler but nothing is working.

I'm stumped. Anyone got any ideas?


  • Same thing here fitted 4 trvs went to bed, heating still on but everything turned down to 14 degrees.
  • Same for me.
    Few days ago my thermostat seems to give a permanent ON signal.
    While set to OFF.
  • Also for me!

    seems to have been happening for a couple of days now.

    Tado Support??

  • I am having a similar problem. I moved houses and now have a city heating system, so no boiler to control. I had my thermostat reconfigured to control the valve for my floor heating system, and have installed smart radiator valves on the rest of the house. It seemed to be working fine at the beginning but today I noticed that it was not turning off. In principle both systems should be independent of each other, but I need to check to see if it turns off when turning off all radiators, just in case. Maybe there was a problem with a firmware update? In any case I find it a bit frustrating that some configurations (in this case, chech that it is configured as a zone valve and not as a a boiler control) can only be modified remotely by the technical service. It should save a lot of time if we could do this ourselves.

  • So, did a couple more checks and found that the Trvs are somehow interfering with the thermostat and it won't turn off if they are demanding heat. The funny part is that the thermostat is showing a closed status in the app, so you only see this upon physical inspection (and of course the fact that my living room is at 24 degrees now). Anyway, I'm going to contact tech support about this because it should be configurable , just sharing in case this helps some of you.
  • Hello, unfortunately I am also experiencing similar issues. I’ve had tado thermostat only (no valves) for about 2-3years and all was fine until just before Christmas. The tado does not seem to be responding to any changes made through the app anaymore. It keeps showing the room temperature as being extremely high sometimes 28 degrees when the target temp is set at 15 degrees (as the nature of my job means I’m hardly ever at home so that’s why I set this low temp to stop the pipes from freezing in my absence) I’ve tried turning it on and off on the app, setting it to no heating or varying the temperature, change batteries, take the back plate off, even had to make a 4 hour round trip home as I was staying far away for work just so I could spend about an hour and a half messaging tado chat support who advised me to open all the windows to cool down the house (at this point, the temp had just kept climbing and was now at 28 degrees), also advised to take the back plate off, the rebooted the device at their end and pushed the configuration... This all seemed to work in the day and I was told the issue was a STUCK RELAY which is basically when the instructions from the app don’t quite make it to the device I think 🤷‍♀️ I was told by app support if it happens again, to contact them and they could simply fix it by rebooting again and I wouldn’t have to physically be at home to take the back plate off the thermostat.

    Anyways, worked okay for about a day and I travelled back to my place of work only for the same thing to happen again. My heating is CONSTANTLY on even when I’ve turned it off. I must be wasting soooo much energy and I’ve reported this multiple times already but it keeps happening. I have now made another trip home, taken the backplate off and turned the heating off on the app and guess what, the temperature is still rising. This whole thing has been so frustrating and feels like I’m gonna get a huge energy bill for something that isn’t my fault. I’m writing this message at 4.30am as I can’t sleep and there doesn’t seem a number to call to speak to an actual person. Help please anyone...And thank you in advance.
  • Also experienced some strange going on. Yesterday one of my trv was showing as off and the temperature at 25c when it was set to 19c. This is because the radiator was pumping out heat despite tado showing the status as off. I swapped with another trv from another room to check it wasn’t faulty (as trying to manually control it was unresponsive). After a bit of fiddling both trvs seem to sort themselves out and problem solved.

    Then I woke up this morning and as off 2am my ‘smart’ thermostat was showing as 21c, bear in mind this is a cool part of the house, and so in the lounge the paint was melting off the wall. But again, tado app shows the temp rising (in the charts) but showed no history of the heating coming on despite radiators pumping out heat. Turning boiler off, along with resetting every tado related seems to have done the job for now.

    I’ve had my system for over 3 years and never had anything like this, there’s definitely some glitch going on with tado communicating to my boiler be it through trv or thermostat. A view from Tado on this would be appreciated.
  • I had a similar issue a few days back late at night. The Tado bridge lost its internet connection and switched the boiler to the on position. History in the app is missing between Sunday jan 12 15:30h and Monday jan 13 3:00h. And somewhere in that timeframe (+/- 2:30 at night) the Tado thermostat ordered the boiler to switch on without reason.

    I reported a similar issue months ago in July 2019, but the issue has not been fixed unfortunately.

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