How are open windows detected?

I've installed a Tado thermostat recently and it seems to be pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to detecting open windows. I've tried opening a nearby window twice: once it detected it and once it didn't. But more interesting is that it shows several false alarms, where it detects an open window even though there has not been one. So my question is: does anybody know what criteria are used to detect this? Is it, say, a sudden drop in temperature?


  • Turned it off on all rooms. Useless gimick in my opinion. I wonder how many customers requested this?

  • @tulloch

    Open Window detection is an increasingly common feature. Netatmo have this as well.

    I can certainly see the point but obviously it needs to work in reality.

    With simpler smart TRVs i.e. not Tado or Netatmo you might implement a similar feature yourself by having a genuine door/window sensor on the window so you know for real when the window is open.

  • So far only false alarms.

    And then this comment you receive on your phone: "Wow you did a good job ventilating your room".

    Designers of smart devices really think we are stupid, as people said, a pretty useless gimmick.

  • I got mine today.

    I initially set mine up at my desk upstairs.

    When I took the thermostat downstairs to install, it triggered an "open window".

    It also triggered when I opened the front door to retrieve several wheelie bins that had made a bit for freedom in the 60mph storm today...

    So I suspect it detects sudden changes in temperature, which would make sense.

  • Presumably correct.

    Yesterday I calibrated the temperature at the radiator thermostat against the temperature measured in the middle of the room and I entered a 3 degrees offset to correct the thermostat value. A few seconds later I received an (of course false) "open window" alert. That surely came from my manually entered artificial sudden temperature drop.

    Perhaps Tado shares this with the user somewhere, but I assume they don't because this kind of "smartness" is proprietary.

  • It's pointless as the "off" time is static and bears no relation to the time the window is open, even when correctly detected. As pointed out above, a swiitch on the window is the only way it can work properly. You have to wonder why money is spent developing a largely pointless feature which I doubt a single customer requested when the features that customers really want are ignored.

  • I’m also getting this. I’m new to tado roughly 2 months with 8 rooms connected. I keep getting false alarms of open window detected with no window open.

    What is also strange is that with 8 rooms connected. 1 main thermostat in hall with TRV also and each other room with TRVs. It doesn’t tell me which room or where the window is opens

    In fact I can’t even seem to find the information of where other than enable or disable window detection and turn off heating.

    This feature is very poor
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