Reduce the comfort temperature range to 18-21°c



  • The more I use the tado system and the more I read, the less I feel tado is useful.

    The first advice from the tado was to turn up the temperature because it was too cold and too humid! The temperature was what we've lived with for 20 years at 18.5. It was autumn hence the humidity, but it was far from uncomfortable. Now that we've hit winter and the humidity has gone, 19.5 is more comfortable.

    I'm in the UK. When setting up the time blocks, a temperature of 18.9 or less shows blue, above 19 shows orange, 25 or over shows red.

  • Come on, tado, time for a response in this thread or, better, an update on the application. Prefer selectable comfort range, but 19º +/- 1º would do me well also.

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    Please, Please, Please, Add this ASAP. It has been too long on the wish list!! Especially in the current world wide situation. This should be relatively easy to fix in your software.
  • Tado team, I really like the system but this needs to be changed or at least a response please! From the Energy Saving Trust 'Your room thermostat should be set to the lowest comfortable temperature, which for most is between 18°C and 21°C. If you only have a single room thermostat for the whole house, for every degree you increase the temperature, it will increase the heating bill by about 10%.'
  • +1 on this. Temperature is 20C and I'm in T-Shirt and shorts. Tado telling me it is cold. These is possibility wrong and knocks all confidence in Tado algorithms.
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    Just out of curiosity - how other brands are dealing with this 'issue'?

  • @rafm5 Nest aren’t as they don’t have the concept in their app. Not sure about Hive
  • In the UK the new REGS as of 15th June 2022, state that in PART L the new optimum room temp should 19˚c, @tado please update the app to use this, or allow us to set by user.

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    For some in the EU 19°C this winter will be a dream ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  • As in UK our prices are higher than EU 🙂
  • So completely fed up with this - several years after it was added on here. Tado are actively pushing people to 1) heat more than needed, 2) spend more than needed on heating, and 3) cause the release of more carbon into the atmosphere. This isn't okay. At all.

  • You can only treat it as a joke and laugh at their idiocy. No point getting wound up about it.

    I'm trying all I can to keep the heating off till October. So far so good. The warmest room in the house is presently 18.2C, coolest is 16.4C and I'm comfortable.

    Jogging pants, tee-shirt and light fleece are sufficient. I'm not even wearing socks.

    Treat their recommendations with the contempt they deserve.
  • Same here in the Netherlands. Either make this user-defined or lower it.

    Note: this is urgent! 1) Because we have to reduce our carbon footprint and 2) Because of the Ukrainian war. Gas consumption support Putin! (directly or indirectly)

  • This is essential and why is it taking so long to implement?

  • I'm not convinced that Tado actually monitor this forum!!

    Have you tried contacting them directly with this as your issue!?

    I've just done that and provided them with a link to this discussion. I got an answer but it was pretty generic!

    I can't help feeling t6hat, if we all did the same, they might get the idea that this is important to us??


  • I just updated my temperture schedule for this winter. In the schedule view, all time block look grey now... Please Tado help us to better us your app.

  • ++1

    A 'gradient' on the Colour used on the time schedule could help here. Instead of a being either Orange OR Grey adding a gradient of colours would help on the time-schedule as is comfortable normally here with wearing a jumper etc.

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    Wow, you lot must like cold houses! I have mine set to 18oC as the night time as the "set back temperature". Day time temps are usually 21.5 - 22.5oC. I do however agree that it should probably be a customisable range. Funny though, that when the house is 18oC in summer (but the sun is out) it does feel warmer than 18oC in darkest winter, which IMO is far too cold to be comfortable.

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    These are my room temperatures right now at 21:30.

    EDIT : Oh bugger! I forgot to add the seen shot and now there is no image attachment icon to add it. Anyway, lounge SRT is showing 18.8C. Yes, it's actually crept up 0.1C since I grabbed the screenshot in the following post.

    I'm relaxing in the lounge and I'm comfortable. The thing is, the SRTs are inches from the floor against (mostly) external walls. The temperature "within" the lounge is actually 19.6C and the heating has been off all day.

    There is no earthly reason to want the SRTs to show 21C or more.

    P.s. I'm 60 and my partner is 69. We do not have hypothermia. :-)
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    Sorry, missing attachment below....