Reduce the comfort temperature range to 18-21°c

In the uk a room set for the comfort range of over 20°c can far exceed a comfortable temperature. I would suggest reducing this so my app doesn't think my house is cold all the time
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  • Agree (saw this one too late)
  • Any chance of an update on this?
  • Bump - a whole section of the features in the app are entirely useless until this is fixed.

  • Ho @Tadouser65544,
    I completely agree with you, there are many functions within the App that would/should be user configurable to make then usable.
    I would personally like to 'hide' many of these useless 'add ons' because they detract from the actual functionality of the app.
  • As mentioned in the other request topic as well, I heartily support this. Making it a user defined setting would be great.

  • Please no! They only implement like 3/4 of features per year, so other important features will be skipped. This feature litterally takes an afternoon of programming at most, yet they will pretend they are working on this for months.

  • I've raised this with their support, they suggested adding a topic here, so I told them it already existed and asked if they could give an update on here - Staff member "Nikola" said they would do so. Here's hoping they do so...

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭
    Standard heating design temps in UK is 18degrees for bedrooms, 21 in living areas.
    Tado is constantly telling me to turn the heating up, at the cost the environment!
    User defined by room would be needed.
    BUT Tado please don't spend a second on this if the alternative is improving signal range or multiple bridges/repeaters. That is my No1 need!
  • Agreed for sure ……..
  • Agree... Long overdue. Even the courtesy of a response would be appreciated
  • Agreed — if I were to set the heating to what Tado thinks is a "comfortable" temperature, I would not only be melting out of my skin but it would completely undo any of the energy savings that a smart heating system is supposed to provide.

    19º-20º is "comfortable" heating in the UK. This really needs to be configurable.

  • I agree with this suggestion
  • Please make this happen.
    With an old house heating to 22 is not very environmentally friendly.
  • It is definitely more than a bit bats to be told to heat a bedroom above 18C in the middle of the day, especially when it is unused day to day and the door is closed. Same for the living room or kitchen overnight. I mean, like, huh? What planet are these people on?

  • Not that there seems to be much point in this but..I wish to add my support and voice to this request. I thought I was just being miserly with my heating :)

    18c to 20c seems fine to me and heating off in unused rooms.

    User selectable comfort ranges sounds like the answer.


  • Agree with this, all my rooms are set below 20C .. and are supposedly therefore too cold!

  • Hello! Bumping this up as well. My house is fine at 19 degrees, don’t tell me it’s cold in the air comfort report!