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Reduce the comfort temperature range to 18-21°c

In the uk a room set for the comfort range of over 20°c can far exceed a comfortable temperature. I would suggest reducing this so my app doesn't think my house is cold all the time
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  • I would suggest making the room temperature a user defined setting.

  • I’d have to agree as a UK user, I ignore the humidity now and home temperature ratios to, you can’t make any notable difference by opening windows or indeed firing the heating up more, reducing it in summer when it’s stifling hot (we always wish), is using a dehumidifier, it’s handy to have humidity reads if your in a house that needs monitoring though. Upto 21 degrees (from 18) seems to be the health recognised suggested. Saying my homes cold running right upto the upper limits of the above is very wasteful on resources.

  • Very strongly support this.

    Ideally user settable, but failing that, the 18-21 range is far more sensible.
  • Agree. 19 degrees feels perfect and sometimes even too hot
  • +1 for this idea as well.

    I also believe that a room for a baby should be somewhere in the region of 18 degrees so more flexibility should result in less overheating babies/less sleepless nights :).

  • I agree that this should be user definable. I personally don't want a lower comfort range, but I appreciate that others might and I don't think the system should dictate what is "comfortable".
  • Agree (saw this one too late)
  • +1

    User settable would be preffered - but 18-21 / 19-22 sounds far mor sensible.

  • Any news on this? The air comfort bit is useless currently as it just always says its cold, and the monthly report claims the heating is always at an energy saving temperature. Please sort this!
  • Any chance of an update on this?
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