Support one decimal place (0.1) for radiator valve temperatures in the Tado app


These devices appear to report their temperature at 1 decimal place of accuracy (I see it via the API in my Home Assistant integration) yet the Tado app only shows their temperature as integers. Can you please change this? I recognise this might be difficult on the device display itself but not in the app.

I'd also like to be able to change the offset for a valve in the app more accurately than whole degrees. Same request - support offsets in 0.1 degree increments please. The device supports it - it appears to be a limitation of the app only.

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  • Rincewind

    In the app, 1C is the increment for both thermostat offset and for smart schedules unless I revert to Fahrenheit.

    I actually notice smaller increments make the difference between feeling comfortable and uncomfortable.