Disable TRV "calibration" when offset is changed [required for using external sensor]



  • Sorry @mperedim. I must have been writing my response when you posted yours, so I missed it.

    Looking back through the log, I had 16 offset adjustments across 6 zones on Saturday, when the outside temperature here neared double-digits below zero. (Is it reasonable to expect more adjustments when it's colder outside? I'd assume so but, again, I probably need to ponder it now.)

  • @zacchaeus I guess this is one of the thing where YMMV. Just today I've got 67 adjustments across four (4) zones, and my temperatures are nowhere near as low as yours. I for sure blame my heating setup (takes quite some to bring up temperature to where I need it to). There maybe other factors, but this seems to be the most important one for me.

  • Wow. That's a huge difference. I do agree that MMV, but are you able to tell how many of the 67 were triggered by the conditions at lines 122 onwards of your code? (Of course, those adjustments would be good if they didn't use battery, as they stop the Tado app showing crazy temperatures.)
  • Hey @zacchaeus & @mperedim

    Wow.......that's way out of my league......you might as well be talking in "tongues" 'cos I have no idea about API's etc........I guess I'm too old and almost a "tech" dinosaur in comparison to you guys.........my name is Rex.....T Rex 🤣🙃

    I'll get me coat 😎

  • @zacchaeus unfortunately my logging needs to be improved. I'll wait another three days for the cold weather to subside, not the best time for experiments, then fix this during the weekend, see what I come up with.

  • Hey

    Just came across this so thought I would post a comment to say I have been working on this too.

    I use Home Assistant so have targeted that as a solution and did a PR to PyTado and to HA Tado integration. So now the offset can be updated via automations in Home Assistant and I wrote an automation for it as a kind of template for anyone using Home Assistant to copy and paste, which manages all devices in the house (including a battery saver option).

    My Home Assistant automation write up is here: https://github.com/north3221/home-assistant-config

    It was discussed on Home Assistant here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/tado-integration-put-offset/175964

    and here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/battery-level-and-temperature-offset-for-tado/81068

    If you are not using Home Assistant, you could still take advantage of the PyTado library: https://github.com/wmalgadey/PyTado

  • Jacopo2
    Jacopo2 ✭✭✭
    Top man! We just need this feature activated (or limitation removed by Tado, however you wanna see it)
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