Disable TRV "calibration" when offset is changed [required for using external sensor]



  • @beEnry all due respect, this has been opened since 2020 with 100+ up votes. I share your frustration in this not being fixed, but if Tado wanted to work on this, it would. "Bumping" it every other day only spams people that have subscribed to this thread with notifications. Please stop it.
  • @mperedim I respect your opinion and your issue with notifications but you have the possibility to turn those off if you can't stand them, or create a filter in your email application.
    The fact that those emails annoy you means that those also annoy Tado or whoever reads this forum, there is no better way to ask a big corporation a feature than making sure the message is continuously present in the upper section; this is only possible if someone reply.

    As such I'm sorry but I will continue doing this.
  • At the risk of being pedantic you may want to read the rules at https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/11714/netiquette-and-forum-rules. Simply bumping is not contributing to "constructive criticism" or "lively debate", does not "relate to the thread", does not "facilitate an exchange between users" and last but not least does not "foster a constructive atmosphere".

    Having said that, not like I can do anything so I'll stop this debate here.

  • This is something I was looking to implement also but that calibration issue would be pretty annoying, please can we have an update to this Tado?

  • Another ping. Recalibration on offset change is really annoying and drains the battery a lot in long run