[Released – ver. 6.1] Allow changing the order of tiles/rooms



  • Wow. I can't believe this is something people have been asking for over such a long period and yet it's still not implemented.

    Is tado actually being actively supported? Or is the company closing down? Genuine question.

  • I called a few months ago and they said that it had been removed due to lack of demand. I think that's crazy. Such a basic feature for anyone using a phone app - we EXPECT to be able to drag and drop tiles. If this feature were not there via the web app, you could end up with an entirely random arrangement of rooms/tiles on the home page, making it totally unintuitive to navigate. As I understand it, the only way of changing the order if/when they do away with the "old" web-app would be to uninstall all of the rooms/TRVs and start over. How crazy is that?!

    Also, I agree that rotating tiles when in landscape screen mode should be basic functionality.

    Funny thing is, one of the reasons I chose Tado over Honeywell was a perception that Tado is more internet/app focused and that Honeywell has been slow to update both app and hardware interfaces.

  • This is a must for me.

    I also would like the rearranging of tiles and the possibility to have little dividers, e.g. first floor rooms, downstairs, upstairs etc
  • +1 . I am new to Tado and already massively regretting moving away from Hive which was more user front and seemed much more customisable
  • Indeed, I installed the thermostats in no particular order and now I am stuck with them. Changing the order would most welcome.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Nikita See page one of this thread for how to change the order

  • Nikita
    edited February 2020

    @samd, thank you! I was not attentive when going through the comments first time

  • Yes, please. me too.

  • Tado, this is utterly ridiculous. Please restore the ability to move tiles.
    It’s the most basic of basic features.
  • https://my.tado.com/webapp/#/home/zone-order does the trick for the web interface and Android app (after closing and relaunching) Thanks for this thread! However surely the simplest thing in the world to add a short cut to the current home page to take you there. Also like @martinryan99 idea for dividers!

  • Hi all,

    our latest iOS/Android beta apps version allows you to reorder the Rooms. For that you would tap on the Reorder Rooms button at the bottom of the Home screen.

    Thank you all for the feedback, hope you find this small addition useful.

    Kind regards,


  • ChrisJ
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    Hi Adrian,

    That is good to hear. How do we get the beta version of the app (iOS)? Or when will the beta versions go GA?



  • Hi @ChrisJ,

    You can register for the Beta from within the tado app, by going to the More -> Apps Beta Program and following the TestFlight instructions.

    I would expect the public release at some point next week, if everything goes well with the testing.

    Kind regards,


  • ChrisJ
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    There was an update to the app today but it doesn't have this feature. Presumably the version with this feature is still to come?


  • @ChrisJ Yes, this wasn't released yet. Version 6.1 will have it, currently still in Beta.

  • Think it’s in the beta release
  • This is now being rolled out to the Store and the update should be available for download shortly (thought in some cases it can take up to 24 hours).

  • This is indeed a welcome addition. As I have lots of TRVs adding the ability to group them into upstairs, downstairs as attached to the Tado wallstats. An actual display if zones.

  • It works well!