allow changing the name of devices

Please allow us to change the names of devices to make it easier to identify them. For example, getting an email that tells me: "We have noticed that the batteries in your Smart Radiator Thermostat VA*******048 in the zone ****** are running low." I have 15 devices and if each device had a name I wouldn't have to waste time looking for the right one.

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  • ChrisJ
    ChrisJ ✭✭✭

    Surely this is very easy to implement and it would make a significant improvement in usability.

  • Just open the app and see which device has low battery warning?

  • This seems like a ridiculously easy improvement to make in the usability of TADO. Why hasn't it been implemented?

    I have multiple rooms with multiple devices. The batteries don't all fail at the same time. So I change the ones that show up as needing replacement. But I can't tell which device needs batteries by just looking at the app — because the device is identified only by an anodyne serial number. No, I have to manually ping the device to have it "blink" at me. But if you have three devices in one room, it could take three tries to find the one needing batteries.

    How does that make any sense? Put a nickname field in the app so we can identify devices to make them easy to service.

    (And I can't believe it's two years later, and this still isn't done. Do you care about your consumers? We should love to use your system. Instead, we struggle against your seeming indifference to the user experience.)

  • Maybe the reason that this only has 12 up votes since Feb 2019 is an indication that it's really not an issue to the hundreds/thousands of other Tado users. There are many other Tado issues that need to be rectified...... This really doesn't even appear on my horizon if I'm honest.
  • People keep doing things the stupid way for a long time before someone comes along with a user-friendly solution.

    The iPhone was a success because it re-thought the experience. Who needed visual voice mail – until you were offered it.

    Might want to read up on supply side someday.

  • Maybe I will...........