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Internet Bridge with PoE

Would love to see the Tado Internet Bridge with Power over Ethernet.

This could save us an additional cable because everything can be done with the Ethernet cable.

Since the raspberry pi and many other similar devices can do it, this should be an easy task for Tado.
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  • I certainly would have no objection to PoE being added to future versions, anything to reduce the number of power chargers is good.

    However as an interim solution it is possible to get a PoE 'splitter' which extracts the power and presents it via a USB connector.

    See - https://www.howtogeek.com/294628/how-to-power-a-usb-powered-device-over-ethernet/

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    Thank you for your suggestion of adding PoE support to our Internet Bridge. Currently, very few consumer grade routers support this function hence it would only add production costs since we would still need to include a power adapter in addition to supporting PoE.

    As stated by jelockwood, If you still would like to use PoE for our bridge, I would suggest you look into getting a 5V Micro USB PoE splitter, they are available online.

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  • Why not work in an alliance to have a Bridge app that could be incorporated into universal bridge by a third party provider.

    Homes would only need to buy the universal bridge and add the apps to it The new echo plus has one built in. This would tidy up wiring, reduce waste from manufacturing and packaging and reduce carbon emissions and power usage. If companies were truly clever these could be incorporated into lighting roses along with things like smoke alarms to reduce overall consumption and make them truly hidden
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