Internet Bridge with PoE

Would love to see the Tado Internet Bridge with Power over Ethernet.

This could save us an additional cable because everything can be done with the Ethernet cable.

Since the raspberry pi and many other similar devices can do it, this should be an easy task for Tado.
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  • jelockwood

    I certainly would have no objection to PoE being added to future versions, anything to reduce the number of power chargers is good.

    However as an interim solution it is possible to get a PoE 'splitter' which extracts the power and presents it via a USB connector.

    See -

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    Thank you for your suggestion of adding PoE support to our Internet Bridge. Currently, very few consumer grade routers support this function hence it would only add production costs since we would still need to include a power adapter in addition to supporting PoE.

    As stated by jelockwood, If you still would like to use PoE for our bridge, I would suggest you look into getting a 5V Micro USB PoE splitter, they are available online.

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  • Chapstar37
    Why not work in an alliance to have a Bridge app that could be incorporated into universal bridge by a third party provider.

    Homes would only need to buy the universal bridge and add the apps to it The new echo plus has one built in. This would tidy up wiring, reduce waste from manufacturing and packaging and reduce carbon emissions and power usage. If companies were truly clever these could be incorporated into lighting roses along with things like smoke alarms to reduce overall consumption and make them truly hidden
  • Jurian

    Hi all,

    For a consumer oriented product, PoE is absolutely too expensive if you do not absolutely require it.

    There is little to no chance that we will ever implement this.

    Please use a 5V PoE splitter with micro-usb to achieve the same goal if you absolutely need PoE

  • SDV

    In my opinion if TADO wants to keep ahead of the competition this would be a great addition for a consumer product. There are more and more (consumer) devices supporting PoE and more demand on less bulky power adapters. Let alone energy consumption devices.

    The bridge needs to be centrally placed between all the other TADO devices; Without the need of a bulky adapter or powersource PoE would rock. as we could place it anywhere on a RJ45 outlet.

    There will also be more and more (smart) network devices with RJ45 connection in the consumer world.

    @Jurian, Suggest to reconsider PoE for the TADO Bridge and place it on a very-very-nice-to-have list.

  • If a 1Gbit splitter cost €9 retail it shouldn’t add more than €5 retail to the bridge cost, since you don’t need all the components.

    Given the premium charged for the product set this is minimal, and PoE is becoming increasingly present in consumer solutions.

  • Could you confirm the 5V PoE splitter with micro-USB can is have 2.4Amp? Thanks

  • I can confirm, my grand parents, my parents, many friends and I will switch someday if no POE is available soon.

    As everyone I know has a POE SWITCH in addition to their non-poe router, this IS becoming an consumer requirement more and more, as ESPACIALLY consumers like a clean look in their homes.

    That means:

    NO additional cabling eg. power cord

    NO wallsocket (power) needed

    The ONLY other possibility would be adding WIFI, so we consumers would only need power. But that makes things more complicated for consumers in terms of network security.

    Picture this situation 1997:"Nobody needs wireless LAN! What should they do with it? There is no demand for that!"

    Don't be ignorant. Especially consumers demand more comfort in those scenarios which, let's be honest, are standard for longer times. If wireless networking is a thing, because no cabling, who are you to decide for us, we should need additional power cabling?! FOR a miniature +100$ device!? THIS is ridiculous!

  • davidlyall

    While a "nice to have" in future versions. I can hardly see it being a deal breaker.

    I would prefer that Tado concentrated on the functionality of the product rather than adding PoE support

  • Adding integrated 'wifi' to the bridge will probably just destroy the reception for the 868MHz radio, overwhelming the receiver. Isn't that why they want you to put it at least a few meters away from other stuff...
  • There are now cheap POE switches available, I use them for powering WIFI, among others. I want to put the Internet bridge more central in the home, because I lose connection every now and then to the most remote thermostat controller. But I can't, because I don't have power in that location.

  • PoE splitter will do the job.

  • Yes. I came across this article as was checking if Poe is supported but I've been using Poe splitter for many years and have one at home so will use it. Just didn't think of it. It's simple and cost is negligible - at least it was couple of years ago. I paid some £3 each online and the just do the job
  • Yeah, it is time for all hubs like this to implement POE, I fully support it. Even it means a little higher price..

    Leave the POE splitter and other funny business already, the aim is to have less cable, not more adapter.

  • Tado. Your stance on this is totally wrong. POE is something that is in common use in many households. Cameras, doorbells, wIFi access points and all sorts of smart home gadgets. Please stop assuming that your customers are stupid and not tech savvy.