Real window sensors from tado


We would like a real window / door sensor for the "window open function".

The current detection of the open windows via the thermostats works so far quite well. However, we have discovered some problems.

1. In some rooms the detection of an open window does not work or does it too late (e.g. bathroom, room with balcony or outside doors, window sills)

2. a timer is not useful because I don't know how long the window stays open. If it is a bit warmer, it can happen that I have the window open for hours.

Window sensors report immediately when opening and shooting.

Thus, a window can be forgotten without the warm air disappearing through the open window.

A push message can also be sent that a window is open.

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  • Theheater
    Agreed. But the one built in, should just be working on by its self
  • cortana
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    How do you mean?

  • cortana

    Am I the only one here who wants a window sensor directly from tado?

  • Same here. I often leave the back door open for my dogs when it’s warm outside. If I don’t close it before the outside temperature drops the radiators happily try to heat the entire town.

  • cortana
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    That's exactly what I mean.

    It doesn't matter whether I have the window open for a short or long time. I don't want to switch off the heating every time or hope that tado will recognize my open windows and switch my heating on again after 30 minutes.

    Here I have to hope that I don't accidentally forget to close a window before I go to work. Otherwise, tado heats for outside all day.

    Window contacts would solve all of these problems.

  • I'd also like to see this, as said above I'll leave the back door open but then when the temperature drops I forget and the heating has been going flat out to heat the planet.

  • I just bought this. So Tado wireless room thermostat detected "open" window when I just move the thermostat around. But when I left the 2 windows open and the temperature dropped it still kept the boiler on. True window sensors like the one alarm companies use which will actually send a command that windows are open Is definitely a good addition to the set-up.

  • cortana

    Yes, I think so, too.

    I am currently using Aqara sensors through iobroker.

    However, that is not the solution for such a system. In my opinion, the tado system should offer this solution itself.

    The "window open detection" currently offered is not acceptable.

    A real window contact can perfectly complement the tado system and make the adjustment of the ventilation much more precise.

    Above all, the scope of functions of the "window open detection" should be expanded and it should be left up to each individual when the heating system starts heating again.

    I don't understand why tado tells me that my heater will turn on again after 15 minutes.

    I would like to determine that myself!

    And I don't want tado to switch the heating off when the window is open, but rather to e.g. 12 degrees Celsius down.

    Automation is a fantastic thing, but please according to my specifications!

  • I would like this also. I am using Apple homekit and will eventually buy homekit sensors but if tado offered them then that would be my go to place...
  • Wozzer

    exposing in Siri Shortcuts would mean you could use existing door and window sensors

  • cortana
    cortana ✭✭✭

    But what's the point?

    I am currently also using the iobroker detour. From my point of view everything is pretty rudimentary.

    If tado were to offer sensors itself, "window open detection" would be far more effective than the current function.

    Unfortunately, the functionality of the "open window detection" is also very rudimentary.

    After a certain time, the heating is simply switched on again even though the window is still open. There are also no warnings that a window is open.

  • Rather than tado developing and selling window sensors themselves, I instead would say they should make available a local API which a smart home hub can POST events on when a connected window sensor changes state. (E.g. aqara)
  • JimG

    The current Tado open window detection doesn't work at all in old UK houses (95% of houses, EPC D and below). It basically thinks that the windows are constantly open. It would be good if it perhaps had an adjustable threshold.

  • In my case (loft) window sensors in Tado thermostatic valves works quite well in winter (december – march) because inside - outside temperature deviation is large. It stops working in early spring as outside temperature increases.

  • It's clear to me, used bad wording in my post… 😁

  • Just tested with Alexa routines and Tapo window sensor, you can set desired temperature or off/on option when open/close trigger started. Only drawback I see when it returns to ON it sets 21° for whatever reason.
  • my open window detection has never fired so far - load of crap as far as im concerned... maybe it will work better in the colder weather :(