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Increase maximum "Open Window Detection" shut off duration


The Open Window Detection Heat Shutoff Duration has a wheel to select the number of hours. But you can’t use it, as the maximum duration is just 1 hour, so it’s redundant, only a minute wheel is required.

However, I would like for the maximum to be greater than 1 hour as I often open the bedroom window for many hours to cool the rooms down and for ventilation.

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  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭


  • mean1979
    Fully support this. I end up setting reminders in Google home to jog my memory to close the windows before the system kicks back on again. I get the fact that the system wouldn't want to be off indefinitely, however, setting a max that equates to most of the day (8 hours) would be ideal if you leave a window on a crack while you're out.My wife has a lot of difficulty with grasping this concept and has often opened a window for hours, only for me to come in and realise the heating is on full whack in that room, with the windows wide open... Clearly not ideal. Please consider this asap as surely a simple addition to the code. Thanks
  • AdamUK
    Fully support this and believe that it’s a simple modification. Now heating kicks off after an hour even when the window is still open. Please do something with it.