Turn off for summer

Is there an easy way to turn the heating off full stop for the summer? I don’t want to have to go through the whole schedule and edit each block.


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Mickyboy All I do is switch to 'Away' mode.

  • There is an IFTTT routine to turn off all heating. It's one button click, and you can set up a widget for your phone. It will leave the hot water on a normal timed program.

    There is a similar IFTTT routine to return heating to automatic control.

  • I mean, this is a missing functionality. Like I turn off everything till winter is coming. I would like to have only one button, and when the season starts I will turn on everything as it was.

    Now, I have to remove schedules, remove batteries, set Away, or "hack" with IFTTT. Tado should provide us this functionality! Open window detected functionality still messaging me. Outside is 14C now, and inside 21. I get notifications however the heating system itself is already down and no warm water will flow into the pipes.

    Thank you!

  • Rob2
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    I don't know when you last checked or updated but this function "turn off all heating" has now been present for some time.

  • rafm5
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    edited May 2021

    It is a quite simple task... 😜

  • The problem is that is better to have during summer fully opened. With Turn Off they are close

  • Yes so we have Turn Off All Rooms? Great, try it and then turn a valve for a manual boost (on a cold night for example). Rather than 1 hour boost like I have it set in the app to do, it stays on forever, until turned off in the app, constantly running the boiler, which I find absolute madness. Raising this with Tado support they tell me this is correct. To turn off for winter, they say switch every rooms schedule to off! What a joke...
  • Rafm5

    I have the same query when the hotter months are here I couldn’t find an option to switch the entire system off; therefore, I had to individually adjust all my rooms schedules to off. The ‘turn off all rooms’ icon only turns off until the next scheduled time. There lies the problem.
  • cbd20
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    @Jjx90 that's strange. I used the turn off all rooms function over a month ago, and all my rooms are still off now as for me it sets it to "until ended by user", which I believe is what the function is supposed to do.

    When did you last try it? I wonder if there was/ is a buggy version of the app.
  • @Jjx90
    Is your App at the latest version ?? 🤔