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Support more than 10 rooms and 25 devices

Please can you add support for more than 25 devices and only 10 rooms, with a 5 bedroom house, with ensuites with a number of downstairs rooms, 25 devices is not enough when you want radiator TRVs and smart thermostats in each room. also limiting the total rooms to 10 does not work in this environment either.

Please, please can you resolve this, especially now you have added more devices, we can't buy more devices if you limit the software to only 25 devices.


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    I'm trying to set up 12 rooms, which means that 2 rooms won't call the system to fire. :-(

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    It's not that unusual to have more than 10 rooms in a house. This seems like an arbitrary and unreasonably low limit. Please fix this in a firmware upgrade.

  • I strongly support this change. I have 12 rooms with Thermostats and can not use all of them to call for heat.

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