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Different Scenarios for Heating Schedules

Loving the Tado (but hating the 10 room limit) and I would like to make a heating scenario suggestion. This is to allow simple, perhaps temporary, changes to the heating schedule according to a set programme based on scenarios. The current way of working is to set up one scenario of daily heating and any changes require individual rad amendments.

Example scenarios:

I might want to leave the house early one day of the week. I'd like to programme that some of the rads come on early just for that one day and then revert back to the normal programme.

I might want to put the wood fires on and would like to turn off several rads.

I might want to work from home one day, so set 3 of the rads to remain on all day but leave the others on the regular schedule to come on later.

I know I can do this by changing individual rad schedules and then back again, but I want to have scenario buttons that enacts an entire programmed scenario. Another idea would be to link this programme to my Outlook calendar. If I have a keyword in like, WFH or Airport 5 (getting up at 5am to go to the airport) it would enact the matching scenario.

Perhaps IFTTT or something similar could do it?

Any chance to do this? I feel that there is a lot of potential with the granular heating controls that isn't being exploited yet.

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    It would indeed be an excellent feature. I used to have this on the Boxx of Engie (supplier), where one could easily have different scenarios pre-programmed (Home, Away, Night, ...).
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