Different Scenarios for Heating Schedules


Loving the Tado (but hating the 10 room limit) and I would like to make a heating scenario suggestion. This is to allow simple, perhaps temporary, changes to the heating schedule according to a set programme based on scenarios. The current way of working is to set up one scenario of daily heating and any changes require individual rad amendments.

Example scenarios:

I might want to leave the house early one day of the week. I'd like to programme that some of the rads come on early just for that one day and then revert back to the normal programme.

I might want to put the wood fires on and would like to turn off several rads.

I might want to work from home one day, so set 3 of the rads to remain on all day but leave the others on the regular schedule to come on later.

I know I can do this by changing individual rad schedules and then back again, but I want to have scenario buttons that enacts an entire programmed scenario. Another idea would be to link this programme to my Outlook calendar. If I have a keyword in like, WFH or Airport 5 (getting up at 5am to go to the airport) it would enact the matching scenario.

Perhaps IFTTT or something similar could do it?

Any chance to do this? I feel that there is a lot of potential with the granular heating controls that isn't being exploited yet.

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  • HCGM
    It would indeed be an excellent feature. I used to have this on the Boxx of Engie (supplier), where one could easily have different scenarios pre-programmed (Home, Away, Night, ...).
  • Karlos
    I also want to be able to create groups, zones or profiles.

    So I can click 1 button and activate working from home where downstairs is heated but not upstairs.

  • Karlos
    I found a work around. Make google home routines for each "profile". Google home lets you multi select which devices and what temperature to set them to.

    Then get the Google Action Blocks app and make home screen shortcuts to the routines created above.

    I now have buttons for On, Off and Working from home on my home screen. A single button press sets all the temperatures on all my devices at once.
  • Heleen_60
    I'd like this too, temporary changes to schedules to accommodate one-off changes in your routine.
  • qt12705
    It is strange that I can ask Google to "switch off a thermostat in a specific room" but if I try and create a routine to do this I can only set a temperature.

    Has anyone else managed to switch off a radiator from a routine?

    Thanks in advance

  • DamianB
    +1 for this suggestion.
    My heating needs are different if:
    -my children are on holiday from school
    -I am working from home
    -I am in holiday from work.

    Would be great if I could save / duplicate / edit / rename and save for different scenarios.
  • Sorvad

    Yes totally agree with this idea of having multiple profiles setup in the app program so you can switch from one profile to another very easily.

    My situation is similar to others who have posted. I work away from home most of the time so have a schedule that fits around this way of living. However when I have annual leave and am at home most of the time I have a completely different schedule, therefore I need a profile to suit this change.

    Having to manually change your whole schedule on multiple devices just for 1 week and then having to change it back again is a real ball buster. Certainly not a smart or intelligent thing to have to do.

    Tado, please make this a top priority improvement.


  • nicmul
    1up this. Groups so I can control up and downstairs separately would be grand. Need to make those radiator thermostats worth the money!
  • Kerregan

    Totally agree with this request. Part of my house is unused, except when family visits. So I need to be able to ‘turn on’ this area, which itself is made up of multiple rooms and schedules. I also like have different settings for summer and winter.

  • I started looking at this as we've split the house into three zones and need different setups when we work at home, when we are off work and when the kids are off school.

    Firstly, it is possible to get some control over this as the app retains settings on the schedule type, so you can have a schedule for Mon-Sun, another for Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun and another for M,T,W,T,F,S. It's not ideal though and you have to manually switch between these profiles.

    So the request is two parts - setup profiles for the schedules and then can we set profiles via the API so services like IFTTT can change profile please.

    In IFTTT for example I can use Google Calendar as a trigger based on search terms, so if I create a profile for School Holidays, where the ground floor is heated all day I can trigger that profile with a Calendar Event called, School Holiday. If me or my wife are off work, put it in the calendar and auto-switch the profile. If we have visitors and wanted to heat other rooms, trigger it from the word "Visiting" and put that in the calendar.

  • Mouchicchoc
    My kids are at their father every other weekend and I would love to be able to activate a "scenario" with a limit in time where several thermostat are changed in one button
  • Bearwood

    My Daughter lives between me and her father 50/50. She has her own smart phone with the Tado app. I would love to be able to have 2 separate heating profiles for the house depending on if she is with me or at her dads. When she’s with me, house is warm, when she’s at her dads I’m as stingy af. At the moment I do this manually, but it would be great to make this a smarter process.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Bearwood By no means a full answer but you could allocate one of the 3 types of days (1. mon-fri,sat,sun 2. Mon-sun 3. every day) to the schedule for your daughter - at least then you only have to change the type for her arrival.

  • Iestynx
    I would also like something like this. For me 2 different setups would work, Normal and Holidays. So I could have my normal setup as usual, but then I could toggle to Holiday mode for a set amount of days.
    It’s now half term and I want my kids bedrooms to be warmer for most of the day.
  • Akaazz
    This is a much needed idea
  • VdesmedT

    I need that too, the only thing I miss from my previous Honeywell system… please :)

  • Gazab
    I need this feature too, for when guests come to stay in the depths of winter. I currently have to manually change for each room when they visit then back again when the leave. A real pain! Come on Tado !?