Outdoor thermometer

Would be good to see outdoor temperatures on home screen, possibly linked to turn on heating if temperatures drop
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  • Karlos
    My boiler actually had a thermometer connected to it. I wish Tado could read it as my old thermostat did.
  • AndrewM

    Definitely would like this - when set to a single set of temperatures for the main thermostat and the radiator thermostats (all on one system) the house typically "feels" too hot when it is warmer outside and the settings need to be turned down - or if set for "summer/warmer periods" will feel too cold when the outside temperature is lower. I know that the actual temperatures are all good, but the system should allow for people who sense the temperature in this way - my wife is especially sensitive to this, and can feel a 0.5C drop (maybe even less) in temperature from her "ideal"...