[Released] Show the climate report in browser on tado.com



  • Happy Tado user here and have been for years. BUT this feature would be a game changer!!

    Could somebody from Tado actually take the time to respond to this thread with an explanation?

  • +1

    Please add this small but powerfull feature.

  • Are the graphs in the care and protect bit you have to pay extra for? I haven't found any graphs. Both Hive and Netatmo system give you usage graphs. without paying extra

  • :'( raw data really should be available for download. It's our data after all.
  • +1 This would be extremely useful and should have been implemented already alongside a data export function.
  • For me this would be one of the must haves, access to my data and visuals in browsers (including the options to overlays instead of all graphs in different screens)

  • +1 For this from a new user also. (Is this the only way we can make Tado aware of demand for new features? - If there are alternatives, please suggest them and I'll use those too!) Cheers!

  • Denial

    +1 for this feature please!

  • +1 for this and include CSV export.
  • libove

    Upvoted. Not everyone likes doing everything on small, hard-to-read screens, touchscreen, requiring high manual dexterity. This could even come across as discriminatory against users who literally cannot do things very well on small screens/ mobile devices. This functionality must be added to the website.

  • JV7

    Adding my +1 to this request. I wanted to see something on a screen which doesn't require a magnifying glass only to find out the browser does not show any statistics.

  • +1 for this feature (I'd like to see more than 1 day at once)

  • +1 for me also!

    It should be a must have... considering that Win 10 app was discontinued.

    Assuming I don't have a smartphone, should I ditch the Tado system?

    You cannot force visually impaired people to use such a small screen!!!!! It's discriminatory!!!!

  • +1.

    Small screen very fiddly - particularly with the lack of detail on the vertical scale (ie temp).

  • Csv export option pls
  • Unkledunkle
    edited February 2023

    Browser based apps should have all the features of their mobile equivalent, if not more, including the lack of downloading of data in csv format or similar which mystifyingly currently isn't available *at all* unless you can navigate whatever it is you're meant to do with an "API" that Tado have offered but won't commit to continuing with.

    Not everyone has access to a PC/laptop, but chances are those who do value either the extra data or the extra control over their user experience.

    It's a really poor show honestly, on both the accessibility and the nerd front. Upvoted.

    On the accessibility front:

    @ovidiu limiting to mobile OS - agreed, it's discriminatory, so don't think I'm minimising with what I'm about to say. Additional investment on your part should NOT be necessary all the way up here in 2023 - but options to look into (how useful each is would depend on the precise nature of the disability and what tech you actually have access to). Also: I don't know you, and I don't know who may read this after you - so I do hope you understand my intention is not to patronise anyone!):

    The first option and likely the one everyone with accessibility needs would have already tried would be to check your smartphone or tablet's accessibility settings. But it's worth saying in case people don't know they're there or gave up on them years ago and haven't been back to try:

    • Much better and more effective options on modern phones than there used to be.
    • Mine's a lower/mid range Moto Play something or other from a couple of years ago and it has a display size option which (after you restart the app) can make the calendar / graph icons about 4 times larger and a lot easier to both see and hit, even on the 1080 res 6'' screen.
    • Not sure if there's a way to make smartphones run in a literally lower res mode, that might help too.

    If money is no object then honestly the simplest option is 'get the biggest tablet you can for when you're at home' but clearly that's the most expensive also. So we'll leave that there other than to say you might be better off looking for a big tablet that has specifically low resolution (so icons are larger because they can't help themselves!), or which can run the very latest mobile OS (because as above that would give you increasingly better accessibility features to play with).

    Next, a lot of people don't know their phones/tablets might have the ability to mirror their screens to another device, meaning you can then use your smartphone or tablet as a remote for a bigger screen like a monitor or smart TV when you're at home:

    • Anything running android or apple mobile OS since the mid teens has had a 'cast screen' option of some kind. Some apps have this built in, generally video players like youtube, disney+, but these days the OS has it's own user-accessible one, have a good look through in your device's settings menus.
    • Since before that point, most smartphones mid-range and above have at least *claimed* some kind of HDMI output from their charging socket. Results definitely vary. In my experience you'll likely need exactly the right cable depending on age/price range of your Android phone or whether you use an Apple device full stop.
    • Clearly this option is of no use at all if your issue is mostly manual dexterity and your device's accessibility settings don't get you where you need to be on it's own. In that case your smartphone may well be able to pair with an external accessible mouse or pad or something via bluetooth so you could just cast your screen to the TV and use the external device to navigate.

    Finally, if you are willing to potentially get a bit technical, you could try Android emulator on your laptop/desktop:

    • I know this is possible on windows 10, though I had a go a while back and it was iffy enough on my computer that I decided it wasn't worth my effort (because I have a tablet, so I just use that for my 'at home' tado dashboard controller).
    • No clue if such a thing can be done from a mac, possibly a chromebook runs the app like a phone automagically.

    I'm sure there are more options than this, this is just what comes to mind that might help people botch together to compensate for a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place if the web app wasn't missing the key graph information.

  • Manuel

    Good news here! The Climate Report is now available also in the webapp for people that have a beta user in the home account. The feature will be rolled out to more people soon! The feature set is very similar to what you already know from your smartphone.

  • @Manuel great news - how do we get on the Beta?

  • Manuel

    @thefern to enter the beta just go to More in the bottom navigation tab of the mobile app. From there you find a button called "App beta program" that explains you how to enter our iOS or Android beta program. @GrayDav4276 thanks for the welcome notice. I am part of the tado° team and happy to bring these positive news.

  • @Manuel have joined the app beta and see nice graphs on the web app now. Thanks v much.

  • I see this appears on the web version today (and don't think I'm on beta).

    Glad to see you've finally enabled this. It is much easier than having to faff around with the phone :).