[Released] Show the climate report in browser on tado.com

mw9342 ✭✭✭

In the app on my iPhone I can see the heating history which is great, but I don't understand why I can't see this when I access my tado account on tado.com using a browser running on my desktop computer.

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  • Steven

    Agreed, I also would like this feature

  • Didieffe

    +1 for me also.

    It should be not so complex

  • zokl
    +1 for me also.

    It will be great function.
  • SVL

    This (very basic) function was promised at least two years ago...

    Shame *rings bell*

  • vagi

    +1 for me also.

    Please allow.

  • piquet

    +1 for me as well, crazy to have it on the app and not the web

  • Guidog_1
    Agreed would really want this!
  • nikkel

    +1 for me also !

    It should be a must-have...

  • meereck

    Would definitely be a good feature. Especially when the mobile app already does that.

  • Kostas

    Same here Tado. It is a must function.

  • gary333

    Could we have access to the timeline view on the website please? Using a computer makes more sense than trying to view such a comprehensive graph on a phone screen. It makes the data actionable if we can analyse properly.

  • DrBrush

    +1 from me too. .

  • Miskur
    Agree...+1 for me as well.
  • RorusBass

    Time to bump this boy, I've been annoyed by this a while now.

  • It was such a disappointment when I found out I couldn't view my data on the web.

    It is something that should have been implemented on day one!

  • Heleen_60
    Very puzzling why you can only see this on the app?
  • kbr

    I wouldn't mind so much if the graphical display came later, but being able to download the raw data would be a great first step.

  • Shiv

    I posted some information about how I got around this on Reddit a while back:

    Maybe of use to some people?

  • I really want this simple feature to be implemented.

  • MPA

    Transferred this question from "general" to "ideas for improvements" category so that people can vote for it, and hopefully this is implemented by Tado.

  • It really is vital that Tado allows people to download their data - and not just visualize the data on a smartphone. They are holding personal data on their servers, and it is presumably a legal obligation for users to be able to access the information too.

  • I'm also waiting for this feature to appear.

    It still hasn't been implemented.

  • libove

    Sigh An entire year later (I posted this to the forum in October of 2020) and ... (sound of crickets chirping in the dark, no response from Tado°, still no graphs on the web interface).

  • Yep - this really seems like a no-brainer. And, at the same time, the graphing tool should be configurable to fix the maximum and minimum temperatures (16° to 26° for example), so that comparisons across days was possible. I would also like to see the time scale configurable so that you can see an entire week, month, or even year displayed.

    Surely, this could be done by a student with a good Masters in Computing - it's hardly rocket science.

  • It's really very odd that the browser version would have less information/functionality than the app.

  • Yes - that little feature has been my bugbear since I started using the app for five years or so.

    Should be easy to transpose to the browser.

  • ditto, please add feature

  • Yes please do consider offering the ability to view/ download data pertaining to the activation of the system and stats that are available through my smartphone. A superior feature would be the ability to link to smart metering for confirmation of energy usage, but I expect that's quite involved!!