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Radiator Thermostats out of Range



  • I've had the same. Bridge in loft in middle of house. Radiators more than 8m away cannot connect reliably. Constant broken signal on, off, on, off. Support just keeps saying the same advice about position which is not remotely helpful. 'it works in most cases' is their go-to. Which is interesting because in the 60s it was common construction technique to install a wire mesh around the tops of internal walls (under the render). Tado like wifi cannot cope with that.

    Also batteries lasting about 6 months instead of the advertised 2 years, which apparently is okay because they're 'always improving their app'. Which in some ways is a joke because about 6 months ago they'd realised that batteries were becoming too drained to operate the thermostat but were not issuing an alert and so radiators were not turning off with no alerts to warn you. Have they resolved that? Nope.
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    je suis chauffagiste et problème identique avec les ponts Internet chez 1 premier clients Tado (le dernier, en attendant une amélioration). Choisissez une voiture qui annonce une meilleure portée pour différents signaux radio. 

    Déçu que le deuxième pont Internet ne peut pas être utilisé pour étendre le signal dans toute la maison. 

    Reste peut être a essayer de modifier l antenne interne du pont (longueur d antenne pour du 868 Mhz : 8,38 Cm

    pourquoi Tado ne vend pas un amplificateur du style https://www.radson.com/docs/Radson-Manuel-dinstallation-Signaalversterker-FR.pdf

  • I think an upgrade to mesh networking would be the simplest option but could the current hardware support it?

    I also have Sonos at home which works on mesh wifi. I did switch it to use the home wifi but one of the speakers is in a conservatory outside the house and really struggled for signal. WIth mesh it has no issue

    The frequencies used by tado should have much less issue with walls etc but if the power is so low then could it be as simple as increasing the broadcast power

  • I also have signal problems, in a small 2 bedroom flat. The bathroom TRV drops out 5-100% of the time. It's only 15m from the bridge, but around a big chimney breast and a corner. Lack of mesh networking and Tado's refusal to build a bridge is not helpful. Don't even get me started on how painful the install was because the system insisted it knew better than I did, and it took Tado support 5 days to reprogram something I could have done myself in 30 mins if they'd designed the system to allow the installer to do the programming. Then there's the SURPRISE! subscription you need to pay if you want the features they sold it to you with (no mention of subscription when selling it). All in all, a nice looking room thermostat - but a frustrating system to own. I would not buy again.

    Give us an official API, easy access to our data (temps etc), and build a repeater - and some of us would be happy and have a system that does what we bought it for. Right now we have none of those things
  • I just invested in 12 Tado radiators and struggling with the signal really frustrating, why there are no range extenders or a backup on wifi connection , my home is weel covered with Wifi

  • Same problem here - we have 12 tado thermostat valves in a multi story listed home (which has full wifi and Ethernet coverage) the bridge is in the center of these devices but will not transmit to edge thermostats on the other floors - the boiler in the basement is completely out of the question. We have Ethernet everywhere so connecting multiple bridges would be easy - please add multiple bridge support!
  • Just a brief comment: saying that the radio frequency gets better signal than wifi and then proposing to use a wifi repeater to move the bridge around the house is a little parodox...wifi might get a smaller range, but there are tons of way to boost it (e.g. mesh networks)

    I'm having issues in my apartment too...3 bedrooms on one floor, but still in the last one there is no signal.

    Please put a network repeater in the roadmap!
  • I've added a "new feature" request for a range extender or mesh network here. If everyone who wants this clicks to vote for it, it might get more attention from Tado's development team. Thanks :)

  • +1 with range problems. Tado just please allow us to add more then one internet bridge!

  • Same problems you all have had with range. Frustrating that a second bridge or mesh network is not an option. Tado are missing out - I have 25 conventional radiator Valves in my home and won’t be moving forward after my attempts with their first TRV.

    Also, I’ve found that if the bridge is connected to a Devolo Magic 2 power line extender via Ethernet, this trips the extender out repeatedly after 5 minutes. So I had to install a conventional WiFi extender to run the bridge in the most central location that I could find.

  • Hello all,

    however based on tado community the range is great. The reality is more or less same es 2,4G WiFi. I have a 2 floor house. I had to move the bridge from the router because one of thermostat and radiator thermostat was out of range. Exatly the same spot ehere wifi 2,4g becoming unstable, tado also loosing cintact continously. After that all I even not tried to indtall the extension kit to boiler room. So I wired it from my bedroom —> I installed wires in wall 😖

    One solution would be to have benchmarking activities. Other products using the installed devices as repeater. So each component can extend the range. I have a 160 m2 2 floor house with thin walls inside, what I fo not find an extreme case. So I would expect possibility of tado usage without such an investment from customer side!
  • I’m lucky as I have no range issues but it’s frustrating that Tado won’t upgrade to include mesh networking. The radio standard (6LoWPAN) that they use has support for it already and their website even suggests they use mesh already (check the specs for the Smart Thermostat)
  • Range is a nightmare

    I have 17 Thermostats meaning a large home. I positionned the IB at the geometrical centrer of the house and still some Thermostats run out of battery very quickly.

    Either 2 IB's or range extending the existing IB is mandatory

  • Larger than average house, but not huge. Thick, granite block walls, and there is nowhere I can put the bridge where it can talk to all radiators.

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    I have just installed a tado system with 15 TRV , one wired Thermostat and an extension box. A large 2 floored house. One TRV in a bathrooom upstairs keeps going out of range. I have every combination of Internet Bridge placement. Reading the other posts in this thread it is clear I need a Bridge Extender.

    Drayton Wiser have a range extender why not Tado?

    I have internet wired and Wifi throughout my house.

    I have a Nest Protect system which works throughout the house.

    Why cannot Tado do the same?

  • Bridge in the middle of the house, but odd shaped house! But location can never keep its connection stable. I have tested the same unit in a different location and it stays connected.

    the odd thing, as i understand the rad units connect to the bridge. So the connection issues should be always the same. However, when i am in the room, it stays connected. When i am at the fair side, it disconnects. What i am doing that effects the connection?

    I understand the reason why it disconnects..... 2 double walls, and a microwave in the way! but how should the position of me make this different :-/

    would agree with everyone else. good system. just needs an small little extension option!

  • Hi Folks. New user here.

    I’m in the process of commissioning Tado for my house, currently nearing completion of its returb. It’s a typical Victorian era central-London end of terrace, so a variety of thick brick walls and several floors etc. So quite a challenging RF environment with a single source.

    I have found a position for the IB that allows the six smart stats to connect. Hopefully when we swap to the Tado TRVs this week, they will also successfully ‘see’ the IB...

    A multiple IB or mesh solution would be great on my case, has there been any further development here?
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