Limitations for larger properties


So, I've got a large property - 19 rooms 10 downstairs including hall, 9 upstairs including landing. Its an odd L shape as well which means i have concerns about distance. I was excited when i read tado supports 25 devices... and then i realised the limitations...having spoken with 1st line support... I want to zone each room individually.

  1. 25 devices - i've got circa 22 radiators - i would like to put a remote temp sensor in each room as well - result i need support for circa double that number
  2. it actually only supports 10 rooms - i need 19 - this is a bizarre limit - and means the other 9 will only work when first 10 call for heat...
  3. cloud account only supports 1 bridge - really - now given my distance concerns / and the 25 device limit - i suspect both of these problems would be eliminated if you could have more than 1 bridge associated with a cloud account - so 25 devices per bridge - i have 2 lofts - i can put a bridge in each - resolves any concerns over distance.

So are there any plans to restrict what appear to be very arbitrary limits ? or come up with range extenders / increase 25 device limit - is this a processing / memory issue on the bridge ? I hope there's not a huge amount of data going to the "cloud"

So bottom line until these limits are removed I won't be moving to tado - when you consider how much i would have spent this seems like a strange way to limit your customer base....

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  • crispy

    Sorry i mean remove the restrictions on what appear to be very arbitrary limits.

  • Happytoon
    Similar situation for me over 3 floors.
    In an old building with thick stone walls.
    I've just managed to do it all within the 25 devices limit but my issue is signal coverage...
    Tado devices don't use mesh networking so i struggle to find a central location which can reach all the devices across 3 floors + thick walls.

    Having the possibility to add a second bridge (with another 25 devices perhaps?) would have saved the day in my case... This way i would have 2 strong connection points...

    Also, the multi zone control is limited (the whole system can only call for heat to 1 controlling device)
    Tricky when the 3 zone valves are controlled by wired thermostat and the boiler firing by another device (extension kit) ... (not directly possible)
  • rcc

    I find the arbitrary 10 room limit to be unnecessary. I have 19 rads and wanted 12 rooms. I ended up having to combine two of them. I have ended up with having 2 bridges due to them being included in the packs so being able to use both would help me to. One of the reasons I went for Tado is that their lower frequency penetrates the brick walls better than WiFi but I've had to compromise where I've put the only connected bridge. I think the Tado is by far the best available, it's just that with these easy to make changes it would be even better.

  • paul0000

    I think Tado should be paying attention to this thread.

  • MarkP

    I agree that the 10 room limit is too low for reasonable sized properties. Tado please increase it

  • TMac
    I don’t have a huge house but have had to link two rooms because I have 11 spaces. I was really disappointed because I read about the number of trv I could have before buying them all and then was restricted by rooms. It makes no sense to restrict room number.
  • PeterO
    edited January 2021

    same her: I'm not using two TRV's (14 total) in 10 rooms...need 2 additional rooms.

    L-shaped - a bit larger house.

    Also the reach is a bit low, having an extender would be very helpfull... two TRV's on the outside often loose their connection.

    One of the not used rooms now is my garage....would be nice to get this also combined.

    ....having a TRV's left....i used one outside this summer for outside temperature check ! :)

  • GrayDav4276
    Hi @PeterO,
    Do ALL your (physical) rooms only have 1 x radiator in rooms with 2 or more radiators ?? 🤔

    Do you realise that you can allocate more than 1 SRT into a Tado Room.
    You can also 'link' 2 or more (physical) rooms together to create 'an area' that is controlled as a single Tado Room.
    For example you could 'control' the hallway and the kitchen together as 1 Tado Room.

    There are a few ways to accommodate 14 Tado thermostats in a 10 Tado Room setup....but sometimes you have to think outside the box 🗃

    I hope this helps you a little bit.
  • SimonThorpe

    Yes, this is important. I've also got a large house with some very thick internal walls. I can't even find any clear instructions about whether and how to install multiple internet bridge devices.

  • SimonThorpe

    Reading the comments, I have just realised that Tado's devices are not using Wifi. That wasn't obvious. What are they using? And what are the range limits?

  • dazzaling69

    Can someone from Tado please comment on whether we will EVER be able to control more than 10 independently? I feel aggrieved that this limit is not mentioned clearly anywhere (that I've found) - the information on the website talks about 25 How many devices can I have in my tado° Home? | Help Center.

    Once I realised the limit, I stopped buying valves. I'd buy more but there's no point - I can't control them independently (this for me is the whole point of active TRVs).

    I don't have the range issue others have commented on, but I do have more than 10 rads I want to control.

    PLEASE TADO - tell us if you will ever support more than 10.

  • revdickvenn

    I've got a solution.

    I bought a wired smart thermostat, set it up, pretended that I was replacing a Drayton thermostat. There is no "actual" second zone, so nothing physical to control.

    Although the instructions say it would be automatically assigned to be a zone controller, it wasn't and I had to recruit Tado help, who said "I have now created a second heating zone in your account."

    So now I have two zone controllers, with a limit of 10 valves on each, and that works perfectly for me - large house, many more than 10 Smart valves, had been doubling up.

    I didn't bother wiring the new "wired" thermostat to anything / anywhere since I don't have an actual valve to control. It may turn out that I have to parallel it across the other wired stat (if it's only those valves in the second zone calling for heat) but that will be a simple job.

    I don't imagine this solution would work for digital control systems. Mine is analogue.