Temp/Humidity graph improvements


Please consider the following Temperature graph improvements...

  1. add increased resolution grid lines, ie. 1 degree and hourly
  2. coloured line showing set temperature
  3. join each 24hr section. No gap, same vertical grid resolution
  4. add to PC version app


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  • And 5. Add ‘refresh’ button.

  • A desktop app with a fuller set of setup options, control over zones and the number if attached devices

  • Bikermouse
    I agree, adding the temperature set point to the temperature charts would be useful.
  • and 6.

    Change 3 flames heating from dark grey to red.

    Change 2 flames heating from mid grey to orange.

    Change 1 flame heating from light grey to yellow.

    Change no heating to green.

  • New to Tado and so far very pleased.

    Please can I set the graph scales? With it auto scaling, “Away” set at 8 deg, looks the same as “Home” set to 18.

  • Yes this would make the graph so much more helpful. Agree.