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Plot all rooms on same graph

Perhaps with selectors to show/hide rooms.

Would be great to see the interaction between temperatures!
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  • Agree. It would also be great to see multi-room summary so you can see which rooms are demanding most heat from the boiler, which are most humid etc.

  • Yes, and please use a standard scale for all data - e.g. 15-25° (possibly user defined) - and stop changing the scales every day and between devices

  • Yeah, those scale changes bother me a lot. Also; it tends to show 3 horizontal lines, with only the bottom and top line having a temperature. E.g.: 17 and 20 degrees; and then the middle one is supposedly 18,5 which doesn't make sense. I'd rather see lines that are always at 1 or 2 degrees intervals no matter the scale.

    Times on horizontal axis are far apart also. Which is fine, but than at least provide a little mark on the axis for each hour.

  • Yes very useful since most of my rooms are connected to see the link between heating in one versus the other

  • I just want to see all rooms at once in summary
    All as bars would be fine so I can align when the heating turns on. Right now tado is costing me a fortune because i can’t optimise when heating is on across all rooms at once.
  • I discovered that, if you hold your finger on the graph, it will show the actual temp and time (humidity and 'waves'). There's lots of info tucked away, just a shame that we cannot download it.

    I agree about the irritating change of scale. I'd like to have the target temperature plotted here as well as the actual.

    If there was some kind of user guide, we wouldn't need to have to discover the wonders within the app for ourselves. - and we might not burden support with questions...

  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭✭

    You can do this by linking Tado to Home Assistant: (though I agree that it would nice to be able to do this in Tado directly)