Option to enter two offset values on TRVs

One offset for when radiator is off, and one when radiator is on.

This would hopefully be a simple fix for the issue where the temperature around the radiator is warmer than rest of the room when the radiator is on. (Seen especially in vertically mounted TRVs.)
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  • jw0ng02
    I like this idea, the TRVs are just unusable without an external temperature sensor, that’s extra £60 each! I have 5 rooms with the tado TRV, none of them is accurate when radiator is on!

    I would suggest to even go further with more 3 offsets at different temperatures. I was trying to propose a similar idea - to have an “offset response CURVE” which would be more complex, but also a more sophisticated, comprehensive solution.
  • S_Horwill
    edited November 2020
    The theory seems quite straightforward. Two offset positions (high and low) with some software to determine a curve between the two. I'm running -4 offset to get an even 'accurate' temperature when heating, but then I have to set at 13 if I want to set a default low position to achieve actual 17. Can't be that hard surely? The issue doesn't require a separate room stat in my view, just a little work to correct the function of the rad valves...
  • mcdave1983

    This is called hysteresis, and it would be very useful to implement. Probably they don't want to complicate the UI, but it could be added as an "advanced" setting for the TRVs.

  • jw0ng02

    Unless they are trying to upsell the wireless temperature sensor on purpose, otherwise, I would argue that this very important feature to have to make smart TRV even useable - one offset number is just not applicable to smart TRV situation when mounted next to the heat source.

    Tado, either give us the hysteresis (curve), or multiple offset points please!!!

  • Kestral1
    Yes, a hysteresis! The offset is useless without this.