Expose humidity and temperature sensors to HomeKit


It would be very useful to have the humidity and temperature sensors exposed into the HomeKit environment, in order to allow the creation of automations in the Apple Home app.

This could be extremely useful for instance with the Smart A/C controllers: for example, to create an automation to automatically power on the A/C in "Dry" mode when the humidity exceeds a specified treshold.

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  • Luca77

    Yes please. let us use the great potential of Apple Homekit. don't just think about your future system implementations and related earnings. today these do not exist and otherwise we could invent new ways of using your sensors. thanks.

  • Yeah- this would be a great addition- allowing you to control smart-switches on Humidifiers/dehumidifiers and also control dry-mode on Tado AC control when the humidity gets too high! This is my #1 request for my Tado units.