[SOLVED EE ISP Issues] Bridge not connecting / cloud light flashing



  • @Imran as far as I know the Tado devices operate on their own network so your stats will connect to your bridge directly (they’ll be connected to it even when the bridge can’t connect to the cloud servers).

  • Tado you say there is no need to be cold. But everyone has the same issues. My house is either absolutely Baltic or absolutely cooking. There is literally no happy medium. The hall stat is not controlling the motorized valve and zones without the internet part being fully operational.
    I'm also with macaaw as I think you should be offering something in the way of apology. I bought tado to save me oil and it's bloody costing me oil the last month between this issue and the previous.
    I hope there is a fix early next week, if not I'm out, and you will be paying for the electrician to remove tado and you will have to take all the kit back. As it's useless to me.
  • @AdamW I understand the stats will be connected to the IB even when the IB is not connected to the cloud, however what I am saying is that I have connected the IB to a BT network which has no connection to my home network and the stats are now connected, which to me seems, the stats are directly connecting to the cloud.

    Like if you unplug your IB and take it to your neighbours house and connected it the the stats will connect back to it via the cloud. Hope that makes sense.

    @kRt I mentioned I connected 4 different simcards from the same provider (EE)

    @Mikey_B same here wasted a lot of oil this week and same problem, at times as I am not use to manual I've had to take cold showers as at 5am I could not remember to turn the boiler on and wait for it to heat up. Tado claim there system will save money on bills, well this will not be the case in 2020!

  • @Imran I think the internet bridge may work as an MQTT broker and the last values are stored in it, ready for any new connections. So when you take it to another network (like your neighbors) as soon as it connects it'll upload the last set of values for each zone/device stored in its non volatile memory.

    That's just a theory of mine, which I'm hoping to delve into more detail using wireshark tomorrow to see what protocol the internet bridge talks.

    Doesn't really help this situation, it's just interesting to understand a bit about Tado system design for me personally.
  • Last night/ this morning was absolutely brutal. Temp here dropped to -4. Because my heating roasted us at 9pm the night before we have gone back to plus 1 on programmer.
    We were woke up at 4am to our son crying ( 10 months old ) and we were all absolutely bloody freezing.
    Come on tado. This is a bloody disaster. Were either frozen solid or cooked to death, the system is crap.
  • Danelawton
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    Whilst I still have control over heating yes.... ON or OFF so every morning if I don't leave my heating on a higher temperature we wake to a cold house every morning. This is not great with a 2 year old and 5 year old. I really feel for the ones with younger kids doing feeds in the night :(

    When running a 24kw 3 Phase Electric boiler, My electric meter doesn't know whether its coming or going right now! I purchased Tado to save money, and it's already costing me more.

    Oh lets leave hot water permanently on? .... How is this a solution.

    The response at the moment is really disappointing, I appreciate everything is been done you can, but this will be a 7 - 10 day outage minimum.

    Will there be a solution put in place to allow scheduling WITHOUT the cloud following this outage? Surely this can be App based on the local network?

    If this is not going to come im not sure Tado is all its made out to be.

    "@Danelawton No time frame, but it is very important to note:

    You still have local control over your heating, meaning that there is no reason to be cold. https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3405564-can-i-adjust-my-heating-cooling-manually-on-my-devices-how-long-does-this-manual-change-stay-active
    For hot water control I would suggest to leave it on permanent on. The boiler thermostat (device measuring the temperature of the hot water in the tank) should then turn the boiler OFF whenever the temperature of the hot water tank is reached. This is not the most efficient way of running a hot water tank but at least you will have permanent hot water when you want to take a shower."
  • @Danelawton I feel your pain. I'm physically watching my oil gauge drop.
    I've used 120L this week. We live in an old stone house, I've fitted the system and the only control I had in place was operated by tado radiator thermostats. Absolute disaster. I hope tado have a very nice care package for all us whom have been affected.
    I've been looking at NEST alot the last few days. Might rip out tado next week if no fix
  • Is there any kind of official update on this? Seeing very little coming from Tado other than fire fighting complaints and advising to keep your heating and hot water on premanently! My oil supplier is rubbing his hands right now!

  • AdamW
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    @Austin909 I don't think there'll be a further update from Tado until Monday now as per @Jurian's post.

    I had some early evening messages from the engineers at Tado requesting further info for EE so I'm hopeful neither are putting it on a back burner over the weekend.

    @Mikey_B ironically I moved from Nest to Tado. Nest was a nightmare. Never learnt like it was meant to, could never cope with auto home/away, always had to manually change it. Admittedly did "work" when no internet.

  • johnbur
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    "implementing a local schedule on the current hardware is not as trivial as you may think."

    I did not say it was trivial, but you have known about this potential issue for years, and appear to have done nothing about it.
    It is affecting EE this time, but also happens when there are issues with your servers (as happened last winter) or any other ISP or router problems.

    What new hardware is required to make local schedules a reality?
    Is it a new bridge?
    If so, is this in development?
  • Mine stopped about 17:00 on 1st Dec.

    MicroTik SXT LTE Antenna and router running RouterOS v6.45.8 on EE, had been working for 6 months.

    Has anyone tried a Vodafone SIM instead? My router is on my roof so it is a fair commitment to swap the SIM.
  • I would suggest that maybe tado could offer a years free subscription to those affected?
  • @westlana seems to be only affecting EE. I've used a Three SIM and it connects, and if the Vodafone SIM ever turns up will be checking what that too.

  • I would suggest that, as the problem seems to be with the EE network, affected users temporarily use a SIM card from a different network provider?

    As @AdamW says, it connects using a Three SIM.

  • Yes - Works without a hitch on Vodafone
  • dsharp7th

    just to report back on my earlier query, after speaking to my boiler service guy he said it should be fine to put the analogue timer back into my boiler. (with my setup the tado diy instructions were to remove that timer). on a valiant boiler it just plugs in, no wiring needed.

    so now the tado thermostat is telling the boiler to heat whenever the temp drops, but the boiler timer prevents it heating if the heating timeslot is set to off. so I am basically back to where I was before having tado, which is better than I was last week.

    appreciate this doesn't help with many people's individual setups, but anyone with a standard modern combi boiler setup might be able to do something like this to get timing control back until however long it takes for tado/ee to fix.

  • @what_a_tado

    I wish that was an option. My internet is provided by the 4G from EE.

    With working from home I would need a fair data package. EE 4G ranged from 70mb to 170mb where I am dependant on network traffic.

    I really am baffled at the moment why a local schedule can’t be implemented. Even if a basic on/off version.
  • Imran
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    Same here got the 4G from EE after being on ADSL, luckily the service hadn’t been disconnected

  • kRt
    Lol. I suggest to take that bridge and through into the closest river. ;)
  • @Imran

    Closest neighbour 400m away..... will Tado work on those distances...... NOPE!

    Fingers cross they solve it next week. If not, out with the Tado :(
  • Hi all, new to the community and Tado. Have exact same problem with my internet bridge. Has been fine for the past month and now have no remote access. The iCloud light flashes as with many others.

    Guess what... EE 4g. My service dropped at 9.17am on 1st December.

    Have submitted 2 support tickets to Tado and no response.

    Only have the EE connection option. Hope can get resolved soon as I love the functionality.
  • @Danelawton

    Yes, a local schedule would be the ideal solution but from what @Jurian said in an earlier posting their current hardware was never designed with a local schedule in mind, so adding it is not as trivial as some of us might think.

    Whether that is true or not I don't know but I doubt a local schedule is going to be with us any time soon.

  • johnbur
    @what_a_tado as I understand it, Homekit can control Tado locally? Can't confirm, as don't have any apple stuff. Anyone know if this is the case?
  • I’m currently using HomeKit to control Tado with automations.

  • I’m using home kit it does work. I use a iPad left at home for remote access
  • johnbur
    Thanks for confirming. So what is the issue with Tado creating a local solution for everyone?
  • I’m holding back making a away automation. Another week of this and I will have to
  • Needs sorting have this system at home and in my static caravan. I use it to turn heating on in caravan when weather is cold but as its on ee4g i have no way of controlling it as cant travel to caravan with current restrictions !!!!
  • Is there anyway to connect the bridge to a hotspot on a phone?

    I have a ipad with O2 (which works with Tado still) if I get a Ethernet to usb c, any one know if this would actually let Tado pick up the connection?
  • Have setup some apple HomeKit automation (requires iPad as won’t work on iPhone only) to get by. At least will be there as a backup as and when Tado server goes down again.

    Took a bit of setting up but at least I have control again.

    Hope the main issue with EE 4g gets sorted soon though 🤞🏻