Use 1 decimal degree Celsius precision on Smart Thermostat

While the app allows setting the temperature in 0.1 degree Celsius increments, the Smart Thermostat only supports 1 degree Celsius increments
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  • Minnozz
    I would like the Smart Thermostat to also support 0.1 degree (or perhaps 0.5 degree) precision when setting the desired temperature. So this is a feature request.
  • DoDen

    Really!? The thermostat only supports one degree increments? That would certainly explain why my system doesn't do what I expect it to do. What good is that? And why give the option of 0.1 degree increments in the app. I can't find this in any spec., could someone in admin please clarify this and if it is the case, please action this request.

  • HenkN

    Please add a .1 deg (or 0.5 deg) reading and manual setting on the smart thermostat.

    I have a 20.5 degC setpoint via the app. When I want to increase the temperature via the smart thermostat, I press the up-key. Then the setpoint goes to 22 deg (20.5 rounded to 21, 1x upkey is plus 1 gives 22 degC setpoint). An increase of 1.5 degC!!!

  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2022

    @HenkN well said!

    There is no official statement from tado° on the future of this 'controversial feature', but here is an official response from Germán confirming that it was 'intentionally planned'

    IMHO things are over complicated and confusing:

    iOS app – 0.1° accuracy (display) and 0.5°C accuracy (change) + 0.1° accuracy for Smart Schedule (change) | ver. 6.30 beta

    Wired thermostat – 0.1°C accuracy (display) and 1°C accuracy (change) | ver. 91.1

    WebApp - 0.1°C accuracy (display) and 0.5°C accuracy (change) | ver.

    Apple Home - 0.5°C accuracy (display & change) | ver. iOS 15.3 beta

    Siri – 1°C accuracy (voice commands) | ver. iOS 15.3 beta

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