Use 1 decimal degree Celsius precision on Smart Thermostat

While the app allows setting the temperature in 0.1 degree Celsius increments, the Smart Thermostat only supports 1 degree Celsius increments
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  • Hi @Minnozz,
    Are you asking a question?? 🤔
  • I would like the Smart Thermostat to also support 0.1 degree (or perhaps 0.5 degree) precision when setting the desired temperature. So this is a feature request.
  • Really!? The thermostat only supports one degree increments? That would certainly explain why my system doesn't do what I expect it to do. What good is that? And why give the option of 0.1 degree increments in the app. I can't find this in any spec., could someone in admin please clarify this and if it is the case, please action this request.

  • I totally agree that the SRT 's should be settable to 0.1°......or at least 0.5°
    I know that the display on the SRT is only capable of showing full degrees, but the software within the SRT does read the temperature to 2 decimal points....this is highlighted when I ask Alexa for a room temperature reading. SRT shows 21° but Alexa says 21.35° So obviously the 'potential' is there....but Tado need to 'utilise' this functionality for the SRT's.
    This really shouldn't be too difficult to achieve....after all....Tado have implemented this with the Smart (room) Thermostat.
    I feel that an increase of a full degree can be too much of a difference in certain circumstances.