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”Slow start” feature for less thermal stress

Opening the radiator valve fully with a cold system might cause unnecessary thermal stress on the system (and noise due to thermal expansion). Ramping up the valve for a short time might reduce the stress.

I suggest a feature in line with “early start” called “slow start” to automatically ramp up the opening of the valve for cold systems.
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  • I highly agree with this.

    In my case, it's about 30% more expensive to let Tado control the heating - compared to my old Danfoss thermostats.

    The Tado devices are way to agressive in trying to reach the desired heat, and there is not way to control that at the moment.

    I would much rather it took a few extra minutes to heat a room!

  • SchippieSchippie ✭✭
    edited January 5

    Exactly. Extending this, I put in a feature request to control at least the following basic parameters:

    • Maximum early start (determining how early heating may start relative to the desired time at which a certain temperature should be reached
    • Power profile when heating (determining a slow, normal or fast ramp-up of heating power) and cooling
    • Maximum water temperature for heating (so you can maximize at say 60 degrees, preventing overheating at non-tado controlled radiators & pipe noises when adjusting to the high temperature
  • I would like to be able to reduce the maximum heating power. It will take longer to heat up the house but I expect it to use less gas.
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