Allow users to set heating parameters to reduce pipe noises, energy drain, improve normal heaters

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During my use of tado equipment I noticed the early start algorithm can start very early, heat the heater to 80 degrees, and occasionally really ask for a lot of power from the heater very quickly.

Especially in older homes/older installations, this can cause issues:

  • You wake up early when the heater wakes up, even at times you don't want to
  • A high heater temperature causes radiators that cannot be retrofitted with tado to heat up their respective rooms really quickly and at too high a temperature
  • The switch from no power to lots of power has a high chance of causing ticking noises in the heating system. Also not fun

These situations can be prevented by allowing users to set parameters in the app (or via the installation menu of the thermostat) so they can be set in the heater via OpenTherm or in the tado system itself.

My previous thermostat (Remeha iSense) allowed for this on my heater (Remeha Tzerra M39), which prevented the above issues that I am now sadly facing again.

I believe adding these parameters should cover most user needs:

  1. Maximum pre-start time (if set at 1 hour, it can only start heating 1 hour before the desired program time
  2. Maximum heating temperatur (sets the maximum heating temperature, say at 60 degrees)
  3. Heating speed (if it should heat quickly, normally or slowly)
  4. Cooling speed (inverse of 3)

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    Just to add as explanation. I know that Tado radiator valves can control the way they open in a few steps (closed, 1/3, 2/3, full open I assume based on the 3 heating icons). I would like to also be able to control the way Tado puts the heater to work, by being able to limit temperature and ramp-up/wind-down etc.

    This is useful irrespective of using early start, as it can prevent your heating installation from producing noise. It might also help those in Denmark who have district heating that gives you penalties if the exit temperature is too high. Vote guys ;-)