Show heater temperature information when heating (+ control parameters)

Schippie ✭✭✭

Currently, using OpenTherm, Tado can ramp up the heater temperature very quickly. Sometimes even reaching 80 degrees. It would be great if a tile in the app can show the temperature of the water in the heating system. It is indicated on the heater itself and also on my previous thermostat. Offering this in a graph showing your heating profile per day (as is also shown per radiator/thermostat right now) would give a lot of information on how the system is being used.

To be clear: I am talking about the temperature of the water within the heating system, not the hot water tile that already exists.

It would be even better to be able to control certain parameters based on insights from that graph, such as maximum water temperature for heating, heating power profile (slow/medium/fast), cooling profile etc. But I posted a separate suggestion for that ;-)

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  • Rickyrick

    I totally agree with this, I use one of these gateways in between my Tado and the boiler to get lots of info at the moment, but it would be really helpful to have this on an advanced page of the Tado app (reason I say advanced page is then the average user who isnt interested in this doesnt have to see all the detail).

    Example below of what my diy gateway gives :

  • tadouser1000

    This would be very useful to ensure heating system is performing efficiently. @Rickyrick which gateway did you use?

  • I think this would be really useful too. I would also be interested in gateway you used @Rickyrick