Tado app says heating? When heating is set below temperature


I've got a strange one when I'm on the TAsdo app on my phone. It says its heating though the temp is set lower than the temp in the house?

I have attached images.

Hope someone can help?



  • It’s still doing it tonight. I’m confused.
    Please help
  • Hi @Nicko105,
    I noticed that these are Smart Thermostats as opposed to Smart Radiator Thermostats, as they are showing as decimal points of degrees (20.6°)

    Now I have a bit of a theory regarding these Stats

    Although they can be set in 0.1 degree levels......I 'believe' that the system 'rounds up/down' the setting.........
    ie.... 20.1 becomes 20
    and 20.6 becomes 21

    I also had my 1 Smart Thermostat 'overshooting' the set temperature.....and I had a temperature display 'offset' of about 1.2°............
    Now the second part of my theory is that the 'offset' also has an impact on how the system 'controls' the application of 'heat' to the appropriate radiator that is controlled by the Smart Thermostat.

    I could be very wrong with my assumptions, but I recommend that you set the 'offset' to 0.0° and try a temperature setting of (for example) 20.1° and see if this helps to 'correct' the amount of temperature 'overshoot'. It's worth a try.

    Post back with the results of your test.
  • Hi many thanks for your reply. Yes these are smart thermostats. There not over shooting. What my problem is, if you look at landing stat and it may set at 19.8 and temp is over this which is fine as turned it down but it still says heating to? That’s my problem.
  • Hi @Nicko105,
    I may have 'confused' the issue by using the term 'overshooting'.
    What I really meant was that the Room Tile showed that the SRT was still allowing "heat" to be delivered to the radiator (the wiggly lines).......which is the same as you are experiencing.....sorry if I have 'confused' the issue.

    So, my original comments still apply tbh

    Tado say that 'our' system learns as it is used more.....I personally think that's a bit of BS.....I think that we (users) learn how to 'work round' our system idiosyncrasies (remember....each household is unique)

    I have removed the Temp Offset on (most) of my devices to see if I can 'understand' this 'annoying' issue.

    Can I recommend that you give my ideas a try, and see what you can find.
  • Hi @Nicko105,

    Have you managed to resolve this issue....I'm now having the same type of problem as you are/did.
  • Dear Nicko - I am adding some examples of my system to demonstrate similar faliure issues:

    Since your post is a month old I would like to add, that I have experienced these faliures mainly over the last month or so.

    My hunch is it's a bad software / firmware / app update. Apologies in advance to Tado if it is due some external force.

    GrayDav - Holla! - you may know me from other threads such as:

    And to all reading - don't forget that a thread like this on the Tado forum will be marked "Answered" even if the replies are "mine is borked too"

    Here's how to keep your question thread open:

    Warmest wishes.

    Stay cool - HotPotato

  • I have experienced the same thing and have finally twigged what my problem is.

    Hopefully it works for anyone else who has updated their Boiler and fallen into the same hole!

    I changed from a Glo-worm to a Worcester boiler and kept my Drayton controller initially.

    I then installed Tado which occasionally showed Heating to a temperature which was lower than the target!

    If I switched to FROST PROTECTION and then Resumed the control it sorted the room out and SET TO was ON!

    Today I noticed my problem! I found ZONE CONTROL and the device was identified as BRxyz which revealed itself as the DRAYTON controller - I REMOVED THAT DEVICE , the TADO software came back that my system was now on MANUAL , and it looks fine now (after 10 minutes).

    I used to have the THERMOSTAT SUxyx in the lounge , plus a smart valve on the radiator and I thought they were figting each other all these months! I see I can CHANGE THE MEASURING DEVICE to SUxyz on the valve so I am happy! In fact I will use them is different rooms ifthey work as I hope! I will then try to set the ZONE CONTROL so the thermostat becomes the MASTER on-off point!

    I have 10 radiators and only 4 smart valves so this has cost me a bomb because those 6 radiators are HOT whenever one of the 4 calls for heating!