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Does tado have an API ? Where can I find the documentation ?


  • JurianJurian | Admin

    Although we do have an API, at this time we do not provide any documentation or support for it.

    At this time, the best documentation for the API can be found here:
    And here:

    Please feel free to discuss any question you might have about the API in this topic together with other community members.

  • It looks like the room (zone) temperature is read-only?

    (My intention is to use the API to add small wireless temperature sensors to some rooms, where the human space is often very different than the TRV’s location.)

  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello gerwitz,

    As commented before, we don't support the API.

    However, what you intend can probably be achieved easily through some of the free official integrations, eg. IFTTT



  • gerwitz, did you get anywhere with this??
  • You can use the offset setting in the app to compensate for this. Just measure temp difference in the “human space” and check difference to TRV. Adjust the offset in the app in rooms setting.

  • dennisoliver, I’ve only found this useful up to a point. Sometimes the valves get warm before the room and shut off, then cool and come back on, rather than staying on until the room is up to temp. Would be neat to be able to add a small sensor.

    Obviously you can add more Tado wall thermostats, but they’re not cheap!

  • Adjusting the offset only works to some degree and takes a long time to get right. Setting the system up this way also appears to affect the reporting side of the app, ie if you want a temp of 19 deg and to achieve this you have to offset 3 deg, then the human space temp will be 19 deg, the valve will show 19 deg but the temp at the valve will actually be 22 deg. However, the Air Comfort report appears to use the 'shown' temp with the offset, ie 19 deg. So, the report is actually incorrect. Might as well just set the valve to 22 deg.
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