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  • @Montage : yes, thanks, I also figured out what http request to send for it. The problem is that the value is not read out when you send the request to the server rather the server reads it in fully randomized times (between 1 min - 35 mins) and you get back this last value.
  • Stubaru

    @Valaki1234 Would you mind sharing the api call you used to obtain this flow temp info please

    I have a keen interest in exploring the API capabilities to harvest as much info as possible from Tado

  • Valaki1234
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    @Stubaru it is:


    Replace the IBZZZZZZZZZ and XXXX with your Internet bridge credentials. You do not need to login or anything, just call this API. Note that this will return with many other parameters. The flow temp it returns is the last value stored on the Tado server, not the actual value you can see on your boiler.

    I have noticed that the value on the server is updated when the flow temp changes. If no change then the value is fetched every 30 mins. However if it changes, e.g. because your boiler cycles, the value is updated frequently (every minute).

  • Shad
    With these API, is possible to retrieve data and show it on a different platforms
  • SPT
    SPT ✭✭
    What other API calls are there on "get" and can you make "post" commands too? I would be able to use. Raspberry Pi, collect data and pass it through a data model to make it smater.
  • samharrison7
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    Hi all,

    I'm new here, but just thought I would pop by to say that I've written a blog post about using Python to access the Tado API: https://samharrison.science/posts/tado-heating-python-api/. Hopefully some of you find it of use. It makes use of this wonderful Python library: https://github.com/germainlefebvre4/libtado. In the post, I specifically cover pull historical data and setting schedules.

    @SPT - have a look at this useful post for an idea of what other commands are available via the API: http://blog.scphillips.com/posts/2017/01/the-tado-api-v2/

  • SPT
    @samharrison7 loving the blog post!! Are you using a raspberry pi to run this?
  • elmopl

    Is there any development here? At the moment I am using HomeKit integration, but it is missing at least one critical bit of information: battery level.

  • Thanks! And sorry for the slow reply.

    I'm just using my laptop to run it ad-hoc at the moment. I am definitely thinking of moving to a more permanent solution like a Raspberry Pi though.

  • maaalin

    What are you missing?

    You can get the battery states via


  • thefern

    Oh no, now I've read this I can never unseen it. I feel a project coming on to upgrade my HomeKit Raspberry Pi and IFTTT control and monitoring. Thanks Sam, fantastic!

  • local

    The API seems to be down today, the Home Assistant integration reports the following response since around 01:59 CET hinting that the templating engine went AWOL:

    f"Response:\n\tStatusCode: {response_status}\n\tData: {response.json()}"

    Did the API break early due to the upcoming DST change?

  • Glasofruix

    Api seems to be broken for quite a while now, HA stops updating tado cards a couple of hours after a reload.